Tegrity FAQs

Q: How do I get to my Tegrity recordings?

A: Tegrity is used to record lectures and play them back for review. Each recording is part of a class that corresponds to a Desire2Learn course. Students may access the recordings for their courses by logging into their Desire2Learn course and finding the widget box on the right side of the home page that says Go to Tegrity Recordings. By clicking on this link the student will be taken to recordings for that course.

Q: I have clicked on the Tegrity link in Desire2Learn but I receive a message that my user ID is invalid. What should I do?

A: The process required to link the Desire2Learn courses to the Tegrity recordings is quite time-consuming and is only run until the last day to add a class. Students who are purged from class and then allowed to re-enter or those who register after the last day to add a class may not be included in the list of students sent to Tegrity. A special login is provided to accommodate these students. This login may be obtained from the course instructor or from the Office of Academic Computing at Extension 3388.

Q: I have gotten into the Tegrity site, but there are no course recordings listed for my class. Why not?

A: Either the instructor has not recorded any lectures for this class, or they are in the process of being uploaded from the classroom computer to the server. This latter condition is characterized by the name of the lecture showing as unavailable. Lectures may take as long as 24 hours to upload before they are available.