Tennessee Transfer Pathways

A joint decision has been made by the UT system and the Tennessee Board of Regents to change the name of “Universal Transfer Path” to “Tennessee Transfer Path” (TTP). At the quarterly meeting of the TBR President’s Council, the presidents voted to approve the final group of Tennessee Transfer Pathways - TTPs (originally referred to as Universal Transfer Pathways - UTPs). This action by the presidents completes the process of developing paths for seamless transfer of community-college curricula to university majors as mandated in the Complete College Tennessee Act.

For information about Tennessee Transfer Pathways, please contact Dr. Sam Rowell at ssrowell@NortheastState.edu or 423.279.7632, or visit http://www.tntransferpathway.org.

For more information about the Complete College Act of 2010, visit www.tbr.edu, and for more information about the Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities Association, visit www.ticua.org.

Additionally, course pre-requisites are noted for each course by selecting the course link within each Tennessee Transfer Pathway.

Tennessee Transfer Pathways (all links to catalog): 

Accounting (A.S. Degree) 

Agriculture: Animal Science (A.S. Degree)

Agriculture: Business (A.S. Degree)

Agriculture: Plant and Soil Science (A.S. Degree)

Anthropology (A.A. Degree)

Anthropology (A.S. Degree)

Biology (A.S. Degree)  

Business Administration (A.S. Degree)  

Chemistry (A.S. Degree)  

Computer Science (A.S. Degree)  

Criminal Justice (A.A. Degree)  

Criminal Justice (A.S. Degree)  

Economics - Business (A.S. Degree)  

Economics - Liberal Arts - ETSU (A.A. Degree)  

Economics - Liberal Arts - University of Memphis (A.A. Degree)  

Economics - Liberal Arts - University of Tennessee, Knoxville (A.A. Degree)  

Economics - Liberal Arts - MTSU and UT-Chattanooga (A.S. Degree)  

English (A.A. Degree)  

Exercise Science (A.S. Degree)  

Family and Consumer Science (A.S. Degree)

Finance (A.S. Degree)

Foreign Language (A.A. Degree)  

History (A.A. Degree)  

History (A.S. Degree)

Imaging Sciences (A.S. Degree) 

Information Systems (A.S. Degree)

International Affairs (A.A. Degree) 

Kinesiology: Transfer to University of Tennessee, Knoxville (A.S. Degree)

Management (A.S. Degree)

Marketing (A.S. Degree)

Mass Communication (A.A. Degree)   

Mass Communication (A.S. Degree)  

Mathematics (A.S. Degree)

Nutrition and Food Science (A.S. Degree) 

Philosophy (A.A. Degree)

Philosophy (A.S. Degree)

Physical Education (A.S. Degree)

Physics (A.S. Degree)  

Political Science (A.A. Degree) 

Political Science (A.S. Degree) 

Pre-Clinical Laboratory Sciences (A.S. Degree)

Pre-Dental Hygiene (A.S. Degree)

Pre-Engineering: Civil (A.S. Degree) 

Pre-Engineering: Electrical (A.S. Degree) 

Pre-Engineering: Mechanical (A.S. Degree) 

Pre-Health (A.S. Degree)  

Pre-Occupational Therapy (A.S. Degree)  

Pre- Physical Therapy (A.S. Degree)  

Pre-Teacher Education: Pre K-3 Early Childhood Education  

Psychology (A.A. Degree) 

Psychology (A.S. Degree) 

Social Work (A.A. Degree) 

Social Work (A.S. Degree) 

Sociology (A.A. Degree) 

Sociology (A.S. Degree) 

Special Education (A.S. Degree)

Speech Communication (A.A. Degree)  

Speech Communication (A.S. Degree)  

Sport and Leisure Management (A.S. Degree)

Theatre (A.A. Degree)  

Theatre (A.S. Degree) 

Visual Art and Design (Emphasis: Studio) (A.A. Degree)