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Note: This is not an appointment for New Student Orientation. Call 423.323.0229 to set up an orientation appointment.
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Some things you have to see for yourself. Sure, we can claim to be one of the country’s friendliest campuses, but so can every other college. You owe it to yourself to visit Northeast State and try us on for size. See if the complete learning environment we provide is the right fit for you. 

We'd like to meet you. That way, you get the chance to ask questions personally, and we get the chance to talk to the person behind the application. We encourage campus visits from students and parents.

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How can you get the most out of your campus visit?

NE State Campus Exterior NightimeFirst, plan ahead. Then, realize that it’s your job to figure out the difference between Northeast State and other colleges that you’ve visited. Make a list of your questions, study the map to make sure you hit all your points of interest, and, when you come to campus, try to meet as many students as possible. You’ll find that students love to share their experiences and impressions - and their perspective is one you should not miss.

The Office of Enrollment Services and Campus Information will schedule a visit tailored to your specific interests that can include:

  • An admission interview
  • A financial aid consultation
  • A campus tour
  • Visiting the fac NE State Campus Exterior Daytimeulty

Scheduling a Visit

If you plan on bringing a group of 10 or more, please contact our office directly at 423.323.0243 or email To get the most out of your time on campus, please schedule your visit at least a week in advance.

Schedule a Visit to Northeast StateSchedule a Visit