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Welcome to Counseling and Testing Services! You can't achieve life balance if you don't assess your current situations. Whether academic readiness or identifying personal attitudes or obstacles, understanding where you are at in the present is essential to moving forward in life. The Office of Counseling and Testing Services provides short-term counseling, referral, and resources for college students and coordinates the administration of college testing. The office also provides high school equivalency testing services to citizens in the College’s five county service area.
Denise, Kathy, Neisha, and Debi  
The success of Northeast State students is top priority for our staff. We are committed to providing a safe, confidential setting for students to talk and a professional environment for quality assessment and testing services for the College and community.

How you deal with school, work, family, and the stresses of everyday life is up to you. Assess now so that Northeast State can help you find the resources to determine your next step. Let us know how we can help you!
Room C2101, General Studies Building
423.354.2587 or Ext. 3287, Fax 423.323.0240
Room C2106, General Studies Building 
423.323.0211 or Ext. 3211, Fax 423.323.0240 

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