Accelerated Courses

Accelerated courses are designed to provide students an opportunity to “accelerate” coursework in specified course(s) or program areas. Accelerated courses are organized utilizing three distinct approaches: 

1) Traditional Seven-Week Block Courses (Block 7)
A Block 7 course lasts only seven weeks while featuring the same total amount of classroom minutes with the instructor as a traditional 15 week course. 

2) Hybrid Seven-Week Courses (Hybrid 7)
A Hybrid 7 course also lasts seven weeks, but the students meet with the instructor approximately half the amount of time as a Block 7 class.  The remaining time is accounted for by web-based learning activities.

3) Mini-Mester Courses (Web 4)
A Mini-Mester (or Web 4) course is a synchronous web-based course built around an in-class meeting one night per week for four weeks.