Professional Development

The Tennessee Board of Regents and Northeast State recognize the need for the continued professional growth and development of faculty and staff. This continued growth and development is necessary to:

  • Meet the changing needs and expectations of students,
  • Include new developments in academic and professional disciplines,
  • Reflect new instructional, public service and research strategies and techniques,
  • Encourage and promote staff productivity.

The college plans and implements a structured and coordinated professional development program established to achieve a variety of predetermined institutional objectives.   

As outlined in the Northeast State Policies and Procedures Manual ( 05:06:08), Northeast State Community College recognizes the need for the continued professional growth and development of all staff at the institution. Staff members are encouraged to continue to develop their skills and knowledge through participation in educational programs that are available on a formal and organized basis.

Staff members are offered training classes and workshops on-campus throughout the year. Staff members may also be considered for attendance at off-campus professional workshops. These must be work related and are considered on an individual basis depending upon institutional need and the availability of funds.

Staff members are encouraged to participate in professional organizations related to with their educational backgrounds, personal goals, and present job responsibilities. Staff members should provide to their supervisor during the annual evaluation a summary of professional development activities in which they have participated.  For more information, contact Jessica Barnett at