CTE Seminars

The Center for Teaching Excellence provides faculty and staff with on-campus professional development seminars devoted to broad-based issues in education and specific teaching/learning strategies.  Please see the list below of seminars that are available to Northeast State Faculty and Staff.  For information, contact Jim Kelly, CTE Director, at jpkelly@northeaststate.edu.  

Friday, September 7th

Google Chrome: A Very Suite Treat
10:00am & 1:00pm, H248
Facilitated by: Jim Kelly

This session is an overview of the tools available for the free through Google Chrome, such as Docs, Slides, Keep, Arts & Culture, Earth, News, etc.

Friday, September 21st

Hungry for SMORE(s)?: Creating Engaging Newsletters for Students
10:00am & 1:00pm, C2204
Facilitated by: Karriane McPheron and Vanessa Price

This session does not involve baking tasty treats, but how to crate tasty and effective newsletters with a neat new tool called SMORE.  If you would like hands-on experience, create a free account at www.smore.com prior to the workshop.

Friday, September 28th

YUJA: Not an Iconic and Poorly Built Car, But Our New Classroom Recording Tool
10:00am & 1:00pm, C2204
Facilitated by: Dr. Rick Merritt

This interactive session is designed to give you a very good and workable understanding of how to use YUJA to engage students.