Diversity Training

Northeast State is committed to work cooperatively with campus and community groups to encourage academic excellence, to strengthen leadership skills and to enrich cultural awareness. Northeast State is also committed to developing a climate in which racial harmony and cultural diversity are valued, appreciated and accepted.

With this in mind, the Office of Professional Development will work closely with Access and Development to provide employees diversity training to support Northeast State's guiding belief that through a diverse community, creativity and achievement are fostered through respect for all individuals and their ideas.

Wednesday, August 23rd

Freedom of Speech in a Contentious Time

Presenter: Panel

Intended Audience: NeSCC Faculty and Staff

Room: Library 226, Time: 10:00am – 12:00pm

Summary: Many of us struggle in conversations around the issues of diversity and inclusion.  Diversity in organizations is considered essential to its growth and development, however we tend to be uncomfortable in our discussions concerning the topic.  The purpose of this seminar is to promote healthy conversation that will lead to better understanding concerning diversity and foster an inclusive culture where we can be comfortable in our state of uncomfortableness.

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