Northeast State Community College Outstanding Student Award

Northeast State’s Outstanding Student Award honors a graduating student who demonstrates excellence in academics and service that impacts the College. Nominees for the Outstanding Student Award are selected by faculty and staff from students scheduled to complete associate degrees during the academic year of nomination with GPAs ranging from 3.5 to 4.0, who make significant service contributions to the College or community, and who meet additional eligibility criteria. The recipient of the award is selected by the President’s Institutional Awards Committee. 

Help us find our missing Outstanding Student Award winners! We are searching for the names of the students who received the Outstanding Student Award (then known as the Faculty Scholarship Award) in 1982-83, 1984-85, 1985-86, and 1989-90. If you are the award winner or have documentation of the award winner’s name, please contact

The Northeast State Community College Outstanding Student Award winners include:  

2012-13           Elizabeth S. Ross, Speech Communication  

2011-12           Joshua A. Johnson, Speech Communication/Theatre  

2010-11           F. Lee Boyd II, Speech Communication  

2009-10           Adnan Brka, Nursing  

2008-09           L. Nichole Manz, Electromechanical  

2007-08           Elaine M. Henry, Pre-Nursing/Speech Communication  

2006-07           Caleb P. Pearson, Pre-Health Professions  

2005-06           William H. Bloomer, General Transfer  

2004-05           Tracy L. Mantell, Business/English  

2003-04           Patricia J. Cross, General Transfer  

2002-03           Jason E. Tipton, Mechanical  

2001-02           Cynthia C. Hill, General Office  

2000-01           Dinah L. DeFord, General Transfer  

1999-00           Marsha H. Elam, Accounting  

1998-99           Scott A. Dykes, General Transfer  

1997-98           Kellie E. Arnold, General Transfer  

1996-97           J. David Bowles, General Transfer  

1995-96           Margaret H. Davis, Psychology  

1994-95           Theresa M. Simpson, Management/Small Business Management  

1993-94           Tiffany R. Watkins, General Transfer  

1992-93           Danna K. Pearce, Finance  

1991-92           Susan E. Graybeal, Management Information Science  

1990-91           H. Alan Miller, Instrumentation Engineering Technology  

1989-90           Unknown  

1988-89           Mark Singleton, Drafting  

1987-88           Carolyn Ward, Management Information Science  

1986-87           William E. Whitesides, Welding  

1985-86           Unknown  

1984-85           Unknown  

1983-84           Phillip D. Stanley, Welding  

1982-83           Unknown 



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