Accessing Northeast State Fully Online Courses

Fully Online Program

Beginning Fall 2017, students will have the opportunity to complete an AS General degree over four fall and spring semesters in a fully online format (no in-class meetings required), with the exception of weekly lab meetings for the biology courses.

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Fully Online Course of Study

Semester 1 (Fall)
EDUC   1030       College and Lifelong Learning
ENGL   1010       Composition 
HUM   2010       Introduction to Humanities I 
SOCI   2010       Marriage and Family 
SPCH   1010       Fundamentals of Speech Communication 

Semester 2 (Spring)
ECON   2010      Macroeconomics
ENGL   1020       Composition II
HUM   2020      Introduction to Humanities II
MATH   1530      Probability and Statistics
SOCI   1010      Introduction to Sociology

Semester 3 (Fall)
BIOL   1010*      Introduction to Biology I
ECON   2020      Microeconomics
ENGL   2120      American Literature II
HIST   2010      U. S. History I
MUS   1030      Music Appreciation

Semester 4 (Spring) 
BIOL   1020*      Introduction to Biology II
HIST    2020       U.S. History II 
PHIL   2640      Science and the Modern World
POLS   1030      American Government
PSYC   1030      General Psychology
*Labs will be weekly, on-ground
NOTE: On-ground testing will be required as appropriate to the course.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I earn an Associate’s degree in a fully online format?
Yes. Students may earn an AS General degree fully online with the exception of weekly labs for the biology courses. Additionally, some courses may require proctored testing on the Blountville campus.

Do I have to commit to taking all of the classes online?
No. Students are free to mix their schedules and take fully online courses alongside courses in other formats.

Who can take the fully online courses?
Any Northeast State student can take a course in the fully online format as long as prerequisites for the course have been completed.

Can students get financial aid for the fully online courses?

What is the difference between fully online classes and regular Northeast State Internet classes?
Fully online classes differ from regular Northeast State Internet classes in that there are no assigned class meetings.

What is the difference between fully online courses and TN eCampus courses?
Unlike TN eCampus courses, Northeast State’s fully online courses are all staffed by Northeast State instructors. Additionally, students are not charged the additional fee associated with TN eCampus courses.

How do I register for fully online classes?
As with other Northeast State courses, students will register for fully online classes through the College’s online registration system. Fully online courses are denoted by section numbers containing IF (Internet Full). For example, the fully online section of Composition I is listed as ENGL 1010 IF1.

When can I register for classes?
Once a student has been admitted to the College and has met with an advisor, the student may register for classes within the open enrollment period for a given term.

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