Student Conduct

Student Code of Conduct

The community of scholars at Northeast State Community College is committed to the development of personal and academic excellence. The essence of a College is the pursuit, dissemination, and application of knowledge, and members of this community should engage vigorously in the College’s academic life. As voluntary members of the College Community, students are expected to act with civility toward others in the community.

Accordingly, in order to foster and promote an educational environment conducive to the College’s Mission, students at Northeast State are expected to:

  1. Commit themselves to learning and the pursuit of higher education;
  2. Prepare for, attend, and actively participate in scheduled classes;
  3. Conduct themselves with personal and academic integrity;
  4. Respect the rights and dignity of all members of the College Community;
  5. Discourage bigotry and encourage tolerance while striving to learn from differences in people, ideas, and opinions;
  6. Refrain from and discourage behaviors that threaten the freedom and respect that every individual deserves;
  7. Participate in the broad educational experience available to all members of the College Community through College sponsored cultural events and other educational activities;
  8. Observe prescribed procedures and schedules for academic advisement, registration, and advancement in a chosen program of study;
  9. Observe all rules and regulations, including those designed to insure and promote safety and security on the Northeast State campus;
  10. Use, as necessary, various College services available to students for assistance with academic, health, career, financial, emotional, and other concerns; and
  11. Assist the College in evaluation of its programs and services and conscientiously participate in evaluations, surveys, and periodic comprehensive examinations.

Institutional disciplinary measures shall be imposed, through appropriate due procedures, for conduct which adversely affects the College’s pursuit of its educational objectives, which violates or shows a disregard for the rights of other members of the academic community, or which endangers property or persons on property owned or controlled by Northeast State. The Vice President for Student Affairs is charged with investigating complaints.

Northeast State's institutional policy statement on Student Conduct and Disciplinary Sanctions is NeSCC Policy 03:05:02. Students may comment on institutional programs and services by submitting written Student Comments to the Vice President for Student Affairs. Comments may include complaints, compliments, or suggestions for improving college services. A final grade appeal is possible when a student believes he or she has received an incorrect final grade.

Reporting Behaviors of Concern

Northeast State encourages all members of the college community to report Behaviors of Concern. Such notifications will enable the College to intervene when necessary, offer referrals to campus and community resources, and identify patterns or systematic problems related to misconduct. Northeast State has developed an online mechanism to report behaviors of concern in addition to direct reports to the Northeast State Police Department. The Report Behaviors of Concern online system is designed to enable students, faculty, and staff to voluntarily report behaviors of concern and incidents of misconduct.

Click to Report Behaviors of Concern 

Any student or employee with a concern about another student or employee may submit a report by clicking the Report Behaviors of Concern Here button found on the following web pages: 

Reports may be submitted anonymously.

Behaviors of concern affecting an individual’s well-being, the well-being of others, or the welfare of campus may be referred to the College’s Behavioral Intervention and Threat Assessment (BITA) Committee.

Complete Student Conduct and Disciplinary Sanctions are found online in Chapter 3 of the Northeast State Policies and Procedures Manual.

Contact the following for more information on Student Conduct:

Student Conduct
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
Room C2108 of the General Studies Building
Questions may be emailed to Matt DeLozier, Vice President for Student Affairs.