• Summer 2013 graduates have received their diploma or certificates through the mail. Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 graduates’ diplomas will be mailed in June 2014 to the address listed on the graduation application.
  • All graduates must report to Memorial Center by 5:45 p.m. on May 12, 2014.  You will check in and receive further instructions. 
  • Please make arrangements with a family member or friend to hold all personal belongings such as keys, purses, etc. during commencement.  There is no secure place to store these items.  Neither Northeast State nor East Tennessee State University will assume any responsibility for lost, misplaced, damaged, or stolen articles
  • Men should wear a dress shirt and slacks, tie, and dress shoes.  Ladies should wear a dress (not longer than the gown) and dress shoes. 
  • Caps should be placed squarely on the head with the deep part in the back with the mortarboard being level.  The tassel should be draped over the right side of the board; the tassels will be transferred to the left in unison when instructed during the commencement activities by the vice president. 
  • Men should remove their caps during prayer and replace them immediately after the prayer.  Ladies do not remove their caps at any time during the ceremony. 
  • Please remember to bring your cap and gown to the ceremony.  Extra caps and gowns will not be available.