Contact List for Graduation Information


Proficiency Profile 

            Email Denise Walker or call 423.323.0211.


Alpha Sigma Lambda 

            Email Virginia Salmon or call 423.354.2423.


Application, requirements, caps and gowns, honors, and the ceremony 

            Email Deidra Close or call 423.354.2405.


Career Services 

            Email Jennifer Kendrick or call 423.354.5167.


Major Field Test (Computer Science, Business Management, and Office Administration)

             Email Linda McNutt or call 423.279.7639.


Major Field Test (Electrical)

            Email Kimberly Tipton or Call 423.354.2420


Northeast State Honors Program 

            Email Jane Honeycutt  or call 423.354.2427.


Phi Theta Kappa 

            Email Jane Honeycutt or call 423.354.2562 


Student Activities/Student Navigators 

            Email Keith Glover  or call 423.354.2474.


Students with Disabilities 

            Email Betty Mask  or call 423.279.7640.


Who's Who Students 

            Email Greg Walters  or call 423.323.0210.