MyNortheast and Student Mail

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MyNortheast FAQs

Q: How do I reset my password for MyNortheast

A: You can submit a ticket on our help-desk at You can also call or email on of the foloowing: Tom Huskisson at 423-354-5146 Steve Nickols 423-354-2492

Q: How do students find their Student ID# or Username for MyNortheast?

A: A student’s username will be the first part of their NeSCC email address. If their email address is, then their username for MyNortheast will be jesmith12.
Students can go to the MyNortheast page and follow the links in the box below the sign-in box to look up their Student ID# or Username.
If a student was enrolled prior to Fall 2011 or needs to look up their username and/or Student ID #, they need to go to their NORSTAR account. NORSTAR can be accessed by going to the MyNortheast home page and click on “Click Here to enter your NORSTAR account,” in the middle of the page. 

Q: What is the difference between MyNortheast email and D2L email?

A: Northeast State's WebMail System is accessible through MyNortheast. The student email system is available to every enrolled student at Northeast State through MyNortheast. Each semester, WebMail accounts are established for all registered students. Email in D2L is a closed email system for students and faculty correspondence. Students and faculty cannot send emails to an email account outside of D2L. NeSCC has established that all course related email should be conducted inside D2L. 

Q: Why does MyNortheast show my old major and advisor? Where do I find my current major and advisor? 

A: In MyNortheast students should click on the NORSTAR tab. In the Academic Profile Box, the student’s current advisor, program, and major can be viewed by selecting the current term in the Select Another Term drop down box and clicking Go. Students can find their advisor’s contact information in the Contact List box by clicking the link Directory List for Advisors, Faculty, and Staff Members.

Q: How do I find financial aid information on MyNortheast?

A: In MyNortheast, click on the Financial Aid tab. In the Financial Aid Awards box, click the Financial Aid Awards link, select the Aid Year in the drop-down box and click submit. Click on the Award Overview tab to see financial aid award information. 

Northeast State Student Mail System

The student email system is available to every enrolled student at Northeast State through MyNortheast. Each semester, Student Mail accounts are established for all registered students. Student account ID and passwords will be available at the beginning of each semester. Please feel free to explore Student Mail when you receive your account information.
If you have any questions, contact the Systems Analyst at Computer Services at 423.354.2492 or