Northeast State employees will find a list of featured webinar opportunities on this page.  These webinars will be offered by various resources.  Those webinars requiring specific login information will be identified below.  For questions, please contact ProfDev@northeaststate.edu.  

Friday, August 3rd

What's the Secret to Creating Classroom Discussions That Work?

Delivered by: NISOD

Facilitator:  Jennifer H. Herman, Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Associate Professor, Practice in Education, Simmons College

Summary:  While discussions are effective pedgogical tools, they can be frustrating to students, lead to uncomfortable silences, and can be dominated by a couple of speakers.  This webinar provides concrete strategies faculty can use to design and facilitate classroom discussions that create an effective and positive learning experience.  Topics include principles for guiding class discussions and techniques for getting all students engaged.  The presenter shares specific examples of strategies that can be used in a variety of disciplines and in various class sizes.  REGISTER HERE

Thursday, August 9th

Brain-Based Teaching and Learning

Delivered by: NISOD

Facilitator:  Karen Costa, Adjunct Faculty, Southern New Hampshire University and Freelance Writer, Women in Higher Education

Summary:  This webinar provides an overview of brain-based teaching and learning theories and research.  Topics include an overview of key findings from Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, home, and School, a discussion about the triune model of the brain, and an explanation of the role the autonomic nervous system plays in student learning and development.  By deepening their understanding of basic principles of neuroscience and neuroanatomy, webinar participants are able to implement programming and teaching on their campuses that begin with the brain in mind.

Learning outcomes include becoming familiar with the triune model of the brain and how the model is evident in teaching methods, learning the difference between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems, and strategies that increase brain-based teaching and learning.  REGISTER HERE

Thursday, August 30th

Integrating Current Events Into Any College Course

Delivered by: NISOD

Facilitator:  Kristen L. Zaborski, Assistant Professor, Economics, State College of Florida

Summary:  Newsworthy events related to almost every discipline occur on a daily basis.  There are positive results when people are better educated and  have a better understanding of the world around them.  Instructors must not only be incredibly knowledgeable about their fields of study, they must also be knowledgeable about current events related to their disciplines.  However, the relevant news does not simply fall into our laps.  We must seek out useful news and educate ourselves and our students about that information.  The webinar facilitator discusses how instructors can easily incorporate current events into their courses.  Specific examples are presented that can easily be modified for any course.  

During the webinar, the facilitator discusses how she researches articles from the New York Times, Economist, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, NISOD, and other sources that relate directly to the topics she covers in her courses.  Also discussed is how she assigns articles for students to read for homework and how she incorporates new articles directly into lectures.  In addition, the facilitator discusses how she uses various podcasts to supplement her courses.  By the end of the webinar, instructors know how to efficiently research articles, videos, and podcast; create and maintain a central repository of news articles, podcasts, and videos that can be easily integrated into courses; and create unique assignments using news articles, podcasts, and videos.  REGISTER HERE

Thursday, September 20th

Tips and Strategies for Managing Your Professional Identity Online

Delivered by: NISOD

Facilitator: Katie Linder, Research Director, Oregon State University Ecampus

Summary:  Given the importance of digital identities to job searches, the promotion and distribution of scholarly work, pedagogical innovation, and many other components of an academic life, it is surprising that higher education professionals receive little to no training about how to best represent themselves in online spaces.  During this interactive webinar, based on content from Managing Your Professional Identity Online: A Guide for Higher Education, participants have the opportunity to explore where and how they want to be online.  Tips and strategies for regularly updating and maintaining an online presence are also provided.  Participants receive a comprehensive list of possible online spaces for professional engagement, as well as a rubric with guiding questions about how to develop online profiles that are consistent, professional, accurate, organized, high-quality, and representative of their academic lives.  REGISTER HERE