Traffic and Parking Regulations

The following regulations are established and are applicable to all students, faculty, staff, and visitors on the Northeast State campus. Staff and faculty shall obey them as a condition of employment. The purpose of these policies are to facilitate the orderly and efficient flow of traffic on the Northeast State campus, to provide a safe atmosphere for both pedestrians and motor vehicle operators, and to provide order with regard to parking within limited space. The Northeast State Police Department is required to implement and enforce these regulations.

Safe Northeast Related Policy Information

Reference the Northeast State Policies and Procedures Manual for the following policies and procedures that regulate traffic and parking on Northeast State sites. Students wishing to appeal tickets resulting from violations of the Traffic and Parking Regulations on the campus should visit the Student Traffic Court web site for instructions to submit online appeals.

  • 03:10:00 - Campus Parking
  • 03:10:01 - Registration of Automobiles/Permits/Decals
  • 03:10:02 - Parking Zones
  • 03:10:03 - General Traffic Policies
  • 03:10:04 - Fines/Penalties
  • 03:10:05 - Appeals
  • 03:10:06 - Visitors
  • 04:19:00 - Emergency Procedures in the Event of Illness/Injury to an Employee, Student, or Visitor
  • 04:36:00 - Parking Permits for Disabled Persons
  • 04:58:00 - Traffic and Parking Regulations
Contact the following office for more information on traffic, parking, and vehicle safety at Northeast State: 

Northeast State Police Department
Welcome Center or Room C2401 of the General Studies Building 
423.323.0255 (non-emergency) or 423.677.7927 (emergency cell)
Questions may also be emailed to John Edens, Chief of Police.