Northeast State Community College

Online Course Orientation

Revised Fall 2010

Web Based Classes and Web Enhanced Classes

Northeast State currently offers many courses via the World Wide Web with new courses being added as they are developed. Other classes are being enhanced via additional materials or communications using the Web. Most of our online courses are offered via Desire2Learn (D2L). You must log into My Home within D2L in order to access those courses.

URL to the web course server is You may also go to the Northeast State Home Page and Choose "Desire2Learn" on the bottom navigation bar to get to the course server.

When are Web Courses offered?

Web based classes are offered during the same timeframe as the campus semesters. To enroll in a World Wide Web section, students must have access to their own computer with a graphic Web browser and will have to contract with a local provider (not affiliated with Northeast State) for Internet service. If an orientation for the course is not scheduled, contact the instructor by phone or e-mail.

Onsite Visits

Some Web based courses include an onsite component, which must be met in order to successfully complete the course. Check with your instructor if you are not sure if your course has such a component.

Web Course Accounts

Faculty interested in developing online courses or online components for existing courses can contact the Director of Academic Technology for assistance or to request a master course. (Note: these requests are for faculty/staff only. Students enrolled in web classes will have accounts generated for them automatically.)

Accounts generated for access to D2L may be obtained from your instructor or from the Director of Academic Technology.


Students enrolled in web classes will have accounts generated for them automatically.

The student ID will be the campus wide student ID required to log into any computer on campus. It will normally be your first initial, a portion of your last name, and possibly a number (ex: twalla13). THIS IS THE SAME ID THAT IS USED FOR YOUR CAMPUS E_MAIL ACCOUNT. The password will be reset each semester and will be the student’s PIN (Personal Identification Number). This is usually the birthday in MMDDYY order. If the student has logged into NORSTAR and changed their PIN number, that number will be used instead of their birthday. This will need to be typed in without any characters separating the numbers. The student will not have the option to change the password. Only if the student changes their PIN number in either NORSTAR or WEB FOR STUDENTS, will the password for D2L be changed. You cannot change your password in D2L.

If you do not know your student id or your PIN number, ask your instructor or contact Tom Wallace at 323-3191 ext 3388, or e-mail at

To access the Web courses the student must perform the following steps:

To access from home.

  • Using the computer, connect to the internet via your internet service provider.

  • Launch either Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. NOTE: Certain versions of these browsers especially IE 8.0 may have problems with D2L. You may use the "browser tuneup" option on the D2L login page to check your browser. Please contact your instructor or use our contacts page if you experience problems with course pages.

  • In the URL space, erase whatever is there and type in then press enter. The information in the URL can be typed in either upper-, lower-, or mixed case letters.

  • At the D2L Login Page, enter your user id and password, then click LOGIN. NOTE: You will use your PIN number as your password until you change it.

  • Click on the Course Name of the course you wish to access.

  • If you have a search box at the top of your course listing you may have to search for your classes. The best way to search is to use the semester designator number in the search box. The semester designator number is the four digit year (2009, 2010, etc.), the month the classes start (1 - January, 5 - May, 8 - August) and a final zero. To search for Spring 2011 you would search for 201110.


To access from Northeast State labs.

  • Launch the browser located on the computer in the lab. *** NOTE *** Your login to gain access to the computers in a lab should be the same as your login to D2L.

  • Proceed with #3 above.


These components are recognized as necessary for successful completion of an on-line course:
  • Access to and a good working knowledge of a multimedia computer.

  • Do you own or have frequent and convenient access to a multimedia capable computer?

  • Is this computer connected to the internet? (such as AOL or an Internet Service Provider)

  • Is this computer able to establish connection to the Internet reliably 80%-90% of the time?

  • Do you have a good working knowledge and hands-on experience with word processing, spreadsheet, and data base programs? Microsoft Office is the standard established by Northeast State. Microsoft Works is NOT accepted unless the students save their work as .rtf files.

  • Do you have experience using modems and dial-up communications software or DSL/Cable connections to the Internet?

  • Do you have a strong working knowledge of how to access the Internet and how to use electronic communication tools.

  • Can you efficiently use a browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer without assistance?

  • Can you download and upload files via the internet? (Convert html files to txt or doc files?)

  • Can you use compression/decompression programs such as PKUnZip or WINZip?

  • Are you familiar with Internet etiquette ("netiquette") as it applies to e-mail and discussion lists?

  • Do you have an up-to-date virus detection program on your computer and do you know how to keep it updated regularly?

  • Do you have a demonstrated ability to manage your personal time efficiently for use in an independent learning environment.

  • Have you ever successfully completed a course involving independent learning? (Examples: correspondence, independent study or other distance learning course)

  • Are you self-directed and capable of completing assigned tasks with a minimum of supervision?

  • Do you see "due dates" as objectives to reach and not "last minute ordeal dates"?



  • Can you connect to the Internet? If not, your problem is with your home telephone, your computer, or your Internet service provider. Although we cannot repair these problems, you may contact us and we will try to offer some suggestions.

  • You can connect to the Internet but cannot access the Northeast State Web Courses by typing in This may be caused by improperly typing in the above address, or may be caused by other problems. You can either call us, or e-mail your problem to us at Please include the exact error message you are receiving so we can determine the problem.

  • You can connect to our Online Course Support page at but cannot get into D2L. Located on our web site is a link to a Frequently Asked Questions page. Check this page first to see if your problem is listed. If not, you can submit a question at this time and we will try to get the information back to you. Please be as detailed as possible.


Rules for Online Success

Check all E-mail accounts daily. You may receive e-mail via your private e-mail account, or your D2L e-mail.

Do not wait until the last minute. Web Courses require more time than do on-site courses.