Frequently Asked Questions - Streaming Videos

The streaming videos for my class don't work. This may be caused by several problems with the student's computer.
  • Popup blocker - The popup blocker must be turned off for the player window to open.
  • Windows Media Player in Windows XP- Windows Media Player 11 will not play the streaming videos if the Player 11 was upgraded without going through Player 10. Download Player 10 and install it, then upgrade to Player 11
  • Windows Media Player in Vista - There are many problems with Windows Media Player in the Vista Operating System. For help in correcting these problems, go to 
  • Firewall - Either your computers firewall or the firewall provided by your Internet provider is not set to allow the video content through. Set your firewall to allow all content from
I am using Mozilla Firefox and the videos won't play. Northeast State uses Windows Media 9 Encoder to encode its streaming video. In order to play the videos your player must accept .wmv formatted files. Check with Mozilla for a compatible Video Player or use Internet Explorer to view the videos.