Biology Learning Lab (BLL)

Anatomy models are available for study in the Basler Library as a learning resource for students enrolled in biology and anatomy/physiology lab classes. Anatomy models cannot be removed from the Basler Library and students are limited to one model/bag per hour.

Note: Don't wait until the last minute to utilize this resource. The number of models are limited, and students may have trouble accessing models the week leading up to exams. 

The models available in the library are available based on student use and space availability. If there are additional models you would like to see in the library, please email your request to

BLL Skeleton Small  BLL Disarticulated Skeleton  BLL Skull 
Small Articulated Skeleton (1) Disarticulated skeleton - check out bone bags Skulls (3)

BLL Mini Muscular Figure 
BLL Muscular Arm  BLL Muscular Leg 
BLL Muscular Head 
Mini-Muscular model (2) Muscular Arm (2)/Muscular Leg (1) Muscular Head (1)

BLL Brain Small  BLL Spinal Cord  BLL Brain Small Tan 
Brain (1) Spinal Cord (1) Brain (1)

BLL Eye  BLL Ear   
Eye (1) Ear (1)  

BLL Endocrine Poster  BLL Endocrine Poster 2   
Endocrine Posters    

BLL Cardiovascular Man Small  BLL Heart   
Cardiovascular Man (1) Heart (2)  

BLL Digestive Poster  BLL Stomach  BLL Liver 
Digestive Poster (1) Stomach (1) Liver/Gallbladder (1)

BLL Urinary Tract  BLL Kidney   
Free Standing Urinary Tract (1) Kidney (1)  

BLL Lymphatic Poster     
Lymphatic Poster (1)    

BLL Lungs Respiratory Tract     
Lungs/Respiratory Tract (1)