Computer Aided Drafting Gainful Employment Disclosure


Federal regulations published in October 2010, require certain information about students who enrolled in educational (certificate) programs that lead to gainful employment in a recognized occupation (GE programs). 


Program Name:  Computer Aided Drafting 

Program CIP Code:  48.0105

Department of Labor Standard Occupational Code (SOC):  17-3013


O*Net Online    17-3013.00          Mechanical Drafters 


Program Level:   Certificate

Program Length:  26

Tuition and fees for the entire program:  $3,403

Books and supplies for entire program:  $1,500


Student Debt:   Information forthcoming


Median debt for graduates: 

·         From Title IV loans: $5,750

·         From other sources: none

Statement about median debt (if applicable)


Program Success: 

·         Percent of graduates that complete the program within expected time, as identified by the program length: NA

·         Program success notes (if applicable): For all schools, if the number of students who completed a GE Program during the award year was less than ten (10), for privacy reasons, the school should not disclose to the public the following information: Median debt amounts (Title IV debt, private educational loan debt, and debt from institutional financing) and On-time completion rate (program success).


Program Outcomes: 

·         Job Placement Rate: NA

·         Job Placement  Rate as reported by: THEC Performance Funding, Coordinator of Career Services


Related Occupations: Mechanical Engineers, Architectural Drafters, Civil Drafters, Electrical Drafters, Civil Engineering Technicians, Electronics Engineering Technicians, Electrical Engineering Technicians, Model Makers, Metal and Plastic, Inspectors, Testers, Sorters, Samplers, and Weighers