Transfer Students

Any applicant who has attended another college or university shall be considered a transfer student. Admission of transfer students shall be consistent with the following criteria:

  • Upon the receipt of all official college transcripts, the Admissions and Records Office will evaluate the student's coursework. High school transcripts may be required for complete analysis of transfer credit. Transfer credit is awarded for individual courses that are determined to be comparable to those offered at Northeast State provided a grade of "C" or higher was earned in each course. Based on the evaluation of the transcript, additional assessment and placement may be required. Transferred credit will not be computed in a student's grade point average at Northeast State. All transfer credit will be computed in the student's Tennessee Education Lottery System grade point average.

  • If transfer credit for a particular course is not granted, the student may appeal this decision by filing a "Petition to Evaluate Transfer Work" in the Admissions and Records Office. The student should attach supporting documentation to the petition such as a course description, course syllabus, and faculty credentials. Course equivalency credit may be awarded only after review and approval by the appropriate academic dean. A course competency examination or other evidence may be required as part of this process.

  • The applicant's grade point average must be at least equal to that which Northeast State requires for the readmission of its own students. Applicants who do not meet the college's standards may be admitted on academic probation.

  • Applicants with college credit earned prior to fall 1989 are admitted without regard to the minimum high school unit requirements.

  • Applicants with 60 or more transferable semester hours are eligible for degree admission without regard to the minimum high school unit requirements.

  • Applicants with an associate degree (A.A., A.S.) designed for transfer to baccalaureate institutions are eligible for degree admission without regard to the minimum high school unit requirements.

  • Applicants who enrolled in college for the first time in fall 1989 or thereafter and who have 59 or fewer hours of transferable credit are eligible for degree admission provided that any deficient high school unit requirements be removed within the first 30 semester hours after initial enrollment.

  • Applicants must submit an application with a non-refundable application fee and must submit official transcripts from all previously attended colleges/universities by midterm of their first semester at Northeast State. A student cannot register for a second semester without submitting all previous college transcripts.

Individuals who have attended other colleges and desire to transfer into the Northeast State Nursing Program will be considered on an individual basis. Individuals must submit a "Petition to Evaluate Course Work" in the Office of Admissions. Transfer students must meet the same standards and criteria as others desiring to pursue an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree in the Nursing Program at Northeast State.

Credit for nursing courses must have been earned within the past 5 (five) years to be considered. Students may be required to take an Assessment Test to ensure appropriate knowledge and skills exist in order to transfer nursing courses.

Credit for biology courses must have been earned within the past 10 years to be considered.