Prior to Applying to the A.A.S. Nursing Degree Program

Rationale for Policy: Due to pre-determined admittance numbers and limited clinical availability, nursing has specific admission criteria, and application does not guarantee admission to this program.

Prior to applying for acceptance into the associate of applied science degree in nursing program a student must complete the following steps:

  • Meet the general admission requirements as noted in the Admission Requirements (General) and submit an application to Northeast State Community College.
  • Be accepted by Northeast State Community College.
  • Indicate the associate of applied science degree in Nursing as the desired major on the Northeast State application form.
  • Seek advisement from the student’s assigned nursing advisor to establish a program plan of study.
  • Complete all required learning support courses prior to applying to the associate of applied science degree Nursing program.  
  • Demonstrate computer competency/proficiency as required by the Nursing division.  Computer Competency/Proficiency requirement can be met successfully by either of the following two methods:
  •    Completion of INFS 1010 (formerly CSCI 1100): Computer Applications. INFS 1010 (formerly CSCI 1100): Computer Applications will not transfer into Northeast State if taken in excess of 10 years in the past.
  •    Completing Credit by Examination at NeSCC. Credit by Examination may not transfer in from other colleges or transfer from NeSCC.
  • Complete BIOL 2010: Anatomy and Physiology I lecture and lab; BIOL 2020: Anatomy and Physiology II lecture and lab; ENGL 1010: Composition I; MATH 1530: Probability and Statistics; and the Competency/Proficiency requirement, all with a grade of “C” or better in each course. 
    • Biological science courses previously taken must have been completed within the last 10 years and must be a total of four (4) credit hours.
  • Complete the required entrance test*. Completion date must be within one year of applying to the program.
  • Achieve a GPA of 2.75 in all college courses, excluding learning support coursework.
  • Complete the Nursing Program Application process as described in “Applying to the A.A.S. Nursing Degree Program”. Submission of all requirements must be received by the established deadline date and time as a complete packet.
  • Provide documentation to the dean of Nursing that the student is, with reasonable accommodation, physically and mentally capable of performing the essential job functions of a registered nurse as outlined in the Core Performance Standards of Admission and Progression adopted by the Tennessee Board of Regents institutions offering nursing programs.
  • For students wishing to apply to the LPN to RN track, documentation of a current, active LPN license must be provided with the nursing application.

*The required entrance test can be identified by contacting the Nursing Division at 423.354.5108.