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If you have completed at least one class at Northeast State, congratulations…you are an alumnus! We would like to invite you to reconnect with Northeast State through your participation in our alumni community.

Alumni at the Theatre  

The Northeast State Alumni Program and the Northeast State Theatre Department provides free admission for alumni during designated performances.

For tickets, please email or call 423.279-7630.


Alumni Graduate Now  

Did you leave Northeast State without officially graduating? If so, the Northeast State Alumni Program can assist its members who did not complete certificates or associate degrees during their initial enrollments at the College.

Alumni Moving On  

As alumni of Northeast State you can make use of many of the services and resources that helped you while enrolled at the College. Visit the following links to learn more about the resources available at Northeast State:


Alumni Survey  

Take our Alumni Survey at  

Outstanding Alumni Award Winners  

S. Carson Waugh   S. Carson Waugh, outstanding alumnus for 2014, is owner of Off The Waugh Productions. Born and raised in Johnson City, Tennessee, Carson has been continually inspired by a supportive family and several influential educators. As a student at Northeast State, Carson was an active member in theater and studied in the broadcasting program, both of which played major roles in his current career pursuit as a filmmaker. After transferring to ETSU, Carson joined the ETSU chorale, pursued a minor in the Bluegrass program, and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. He went on to serve locally as a child and family counselor before deciding to pursue his passion for motion picture and sound, and establishing his production company - Off The Waugh Productions - in 2010. In addition to producing a number of commercials for his Alma Mater, Northeast State, Carson has also worked on projects in the national marketplace, and has had footage in a film which aired all over the world in 2012. Carson’s continued life ambition is to be a storyteller, illustrating the importance of community, and striving to promote philanthropy at every turn.
David Long 2013   Dr. David Long, outstanding alumnus for 2013, is now the Associate Director Postgraduate at The University of Auckland’s Bioengineering Institute and Department of Engineering Science. He has lived in New Zealand since 2009. His research contributes to the field of endothelial cell mechanobiology and heterogeneity as it relates to health and disease. He is on the forefront of developing diagnostic and therapeutic strategies in cardiovascular health. Dr. Long graduated from Northeast State in 1992.


Mathew Hill 2012   Matthew Hill, outstanding alumnus for 2012, is the representative for Tennessee's 7th District, as well as Vice President of Operations for Information Communications Corporation. Additionally, he is the host of the nationally syndicated Matthew Hill Show on the IRN/USA Radio Network and is heard as Mr. Matthew on the children's program Bible Buddies on WHCB 91.5 FM. Representative Hill graduated from Northeast State in 2001.
Mary Moore 2011   Mary Moore, outstanding alumna for 2011, applies the art of science to chemistry as a principal technologist in the Chemistry Research Laboratory at Eastman Chemical Company in Kingsport. Ms. Moore graduated Northeast State in 1991
Duke Oaks 2010   Duke Okes, outstanding alumnus for 2010, formed his consulting company APLOMET in 1985. This company provides quality systems and organizational management consultation. Mr. Okes ranks as one of the most sought-after experts in the global manufacturing industry. He graduated from Northeast State in 1976.
Greg Walters 2009  

Greg Walters, outstanding alumnus for 2009, was named Northeast State’s Dean of Student Development in 2012. He now provides administrative oversight for the offices of Counseling and Testing Services, Health Services, Scholarship Programs, and Student Life. Thousands of Northeast State students and graduates have enjoyed the guidance of Walters since he began employment with the College in 1989. Mr. Walters graduated from Northeast State in 2007.

Rayma Gibbs 2008  

Rayma Gibbs, outstanding alumna for 2008, works in Northeast State’s Office of Scholarship Programs. She has also started two scholarships for Northeast State students: The Charlie and Rayma Gibbs Endowment Scholarship and the Gibbs Family Annual Scholarship. Mrs. Gibbs graduated from Northeast State in 2003.

April Eads 2007   April Eads, outstanding alumna for 2007, is a former engineering assistant turned business development manager at Bristol Tennessee Essential Services (BTES). Mrs. Eads graduated from Northeast State in 2002.
Allen Hurley 2006   Allen Hurley, outstanding alumnus for 2006, founder and former chairman of Touchstone Wireless, ranks as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the Northeast Tennessee region. Mr. Hurley graduated from Northeast State in 1993 and currently serves as the Vice-Chair of the Northeast State Foundation Board.
Robin Eller 2005   Robin Eller, outstanding alumna for 2005, served as director of the Hallie Turner Private School in Columbus, Ga., where she helped others secure their futures through education. Mrs. Eller graduated from Northeast State in 2000.

For more information please email or call 423.279-7630