Supervisory Leadership Development

Pursuing professional development is a key to successful leadership skills and career opportunities.  Workforce Solutions has trained more than 550 of the region's leaders, with staff certified in Achieve Global (formerly Zenger Miller), and offers the Frontline Leadership, Learning to Lead and Team Leadership, as well as the following:

Workshop topics that are available in addition to the Achieve Global. See the schedule of classes for additional information.

Workshop Topic


Workshop Emphasis


Who Should Attend

  • Frontline leadership basic principles
  • Communications
  • Managing change
  • Basic problem solving process
  • Managing your priorities
  • Managing an individuals performance
  • Effective meetings
  • Managing a team
  • Stress management
  • Dealing with emotional behavior
  • Sexual harassment
  • Members with new responsibilities
  • New supervisors
  • Team leaders
  • Project leaders
Interviewing Skills 
  • The legal issues of interviewing
  • How to plan and conduct interviews that get theneeded information
  • Selecting the best person for a position

Employees involved in the hiring process.

The New Supervisor 
  • This course is designed for the new supervisor with special emphasis on the supervisory role. Establishing and exercising authority will be the focus of this session.

New supervisors or team leaders.

The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback 
  • How to develop one of the most important person-to-person communication skills
  • How to present ideas effectively
  • How to become a better recipient of feedback

Supervisors, managers, mentors, and trainers.

Dealing with Difficult People 
  • Alternative ways of dealing with difficult people
  • Maintaining productivity

Anyone who will interact with others.

Managing Conflict in the Workplace 
  • Turning disputes into opportunities
  • Preventing and resolving conflict

Everyone who will interact with others on a day to day basis.

Making Change Work for You 
  • Change as an ongoing process
  • Methods of reacting to change
  • Strategies for dealing with change

All members of organizations that are going to experience changes in the future.

Effective Delegation Skills 
  • Overcoming common fears of delegation
  • Knowing when and how to delegate
  • Identifying the best employees for delegated tasks
  • Keeping delegated projects on track

Anyone who must influence others to get a job done:

  • Members with new responsibilities
  • New supervisors
  • Team leaders
  • Project leaders
Time Management 
  • Manage your most precious resource: TIME.
  • Identify personal time wasters

Anyone who is going to assume new responsibilities or feels pressured by the demands of their job.

Listening: Hear What is Really Being Said 
  • Improve you listening skills

Everyone can benefit from the ability to listen more effectively.

Coaching to Improve Performance. 
  • Transform task-assigners into coaches and facilitators

Supervisors, managers, mentors and trainers who work with others to improve performance.