Computer resources at Northeast State are available to all students, faculty, and staff for authorized use in a responsible, ethical, and equitable manner.  It is the responsibility of the Office of Information Technology personnel to maintain a stable operational environment for all users and institution programs.  Cooperation of all users in the form of ethical and responsible behavior is required at all times so that all may share resources freely and equitably.

The following constitutes a code of computing practice to be adhered to by all computer users:

1.  Violations shall be referred to the vice president for Information Technology.


2.  Users must obtain official approval from the Office of Information Technology for new uses of computing resources.  Authorization must be obtained to reactivate a previously discontinued account or resource.  Approval will not be granted to use computing facilities that do not conform to the mission, process, and functions of the institution.


3.  Users of computing resources are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that does not constitute a danger to any person’s health and safety or interfere with individual and institutional activities.

4.  Users must not misuse, damage, or misappropriate in any manner computing equipment, property, or other facilities and resources.

5.  Users must utilize only those computer accounts which have been authorized for their use and for the purposes for which the authorization has been granted.  Any attempt to access a system on the Internet for which the user is not authorized will be considered abuse of computer resources.

6.  Users are responsible for the use of their computer accounts and as such they should take precautions against others obtaining access to their computer accounts.  This includes managing and controlling the use of individual passwords, operational activities, and resource utilization.

7.  Users must follow the established procedures for accessing the computing system.  All computing work must be identified with the user’s own name and, where applicable, the relevant department name.

8.  Users may not access, modify, or copy programs, files, data of any sort belonging to other users or to Northeast State without obtaining prior authorization to do so from the other users and /or Northeast State Information Technology office.  The student is responsible for obtaining authorization and having a clearly defined understanding of the responsibilities associated with such action (e.g., security of access to the data of the other computer installation).  Users may not use programs, data, equipment, and other computing related resources obtained from other computer sites at Northeast State unless prior approval has been obtained from the Northeast State Office of Information Technology.

9.  Users should minimize the impact of their work on the work of other users.  Attempts should not be made to encroach on others’ use of the facilities or deprive them of resources.

10.  Users must not attempt to modify system facilities and/or subvert the restrictions associated with their computer account utilization.

11.  Users may not use Northeast State computer facilities for commercial purposes.

The above code is intended to work to the benefit of all computer users by encouraging responsible conduct and use of computing resources.  Violators of computer resources rules and regulations may be subject to disciplinary actions to include:

·        Revoking of the individual’s rights to use the computer; either on a temporary or permanent basis;

·        Probation;

·        Suspension;

·        Expulsion;

·        Financial assessment for computer services; and

·        Legal prosecution.

Use of computer resources by unauthorized individuals is prohibited.  Violators may be prosecuted.