This policy explains the proper use of E-mail for faculty, student, and staff use and prescribes methods of addressing violations of the policy.

Policy – E-mail is a service provided by the college and is under the jurisdiction of the college. It is the responsibility of the user to understand the correct procedure(s) under which E-mail is used and governed.  Use of E-mail is not considered private communication.  The electronic mail system is considered state property and any records created are the property of the college.  No attempts should be made by any user to send anonymous messages.  Messages via E-mail, which are annoying, threatening, sexually, racially, or religiously offensive may be a form of harassment and will not be tolerated.

Procedure – Individuals receiving E-mail considered in violation of policy may report their concerns to the Director of Computer Services.  The director will investigate those concerns and determine actions to be taken.

Enforcement – E-mail users found to be in violation of computer policy may have sanctions imposed including loss of E-mail privileges.  Notice of action taken will be mailed to the offender within five working days of the decision by the Director of Computer Services.

Appeal – Decisions made by the Director of Computer Services regarding E-mail abuse may be appealed to the vice president for Information Technology.  Such appeals must be in writing and filed within five working days from the date of official notification of the sanctions.