Workforce Investment Act (WIA) In-School Youth Program

WIA Youth Program Components

The purposes of the Workforce Investment Act as it relates to youth are as follows: 

To provide assistance in achieving academic and employment success; 
To provide effective comprehensive activities to improve educational and skill competencies and to develop effective connections to employers; 
To provide opportunities for training; 
To ensure ongoing mentoring opportunities with adults; 
To provide supportive services; 
To provide incentives for recognition and achievement; and 
To provide activities related to leadership development, decision making, citizenship, and community service.

The Northeast State Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Youth Grant Program, a cooperative effort between local high schools and Northeast State Community College, provides educational and employment assistance to qualified high school students. The Alliance for Business and Training (AB & T) administers the WIA In-School Youth Programs for the service delivery area. 

Who Is Eligible?

Students attending Dobyns-Bennett and designated Sullivan County High Schools who meet guidelines established by the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) are eligible to apply. 

What are the benefits to being enrolled in this program?

Students will receive training designed to assist them in achieving their career goals. Additional benefits include: 

Transportation to Main Events 
End of Term Party with FREE Food & Prizes 
Field Trips 
Activities with Mentor 
Career Exploration Workshops 
Test Preparation 
Self Help Sessions 

All services are offered at NO CHARGE to participants. 

Program Activities

Tutoring and Study Skills Training 
Alternative Secondary School Services 
Summer Employment Opportunities 
Paid/Unpaid Work Experience 
Occupational Skills Training 
Leadership Development 
Adult Mentoring 
Comprehensive Guidance & Counseling
Support Services 
Follow-up Services 

For additional information, contact:  Erika Adams, Interim Director of College Access Programs at 423.323.0223 or e-mail at

College Access Challenge Grant College Mentor Corps Program

  • What is College Access Challenge?
    The purpose of the College Access Challenge Grant Program (CAGCP) is to increase the direct services offered to low income students through the expansion of current college access programs to underserved populations of Tennessee. CACGP is designed to foster partnerships to significantly increase the number of low income and first generation students who enter and remain in postsecondary education. The program is designed to help students graduate from high school, be academically ready to meet college requirements and make the connections to available programs and financial aid sources to be able to enter college.

  • What does the program provide?
    • FAFSA
    • College Guidance
    • Financial Aid Workshops
    • Preparation for College

  • How do I apply?
    Get an application from the Northeast State staff member assigned to your school. 

    Dobyns-Bennett High School
    Marisa Clark

    Sullivan East High School
    Ruth Ann Tipton

    Sullivan Central High School
    Amelia B. Osborne

    Sullivan South High School
    Susan Steffey

    Sullivan North High School
    Tennessee High School
    Melissa Ramsey

    Unaka High School
    Happy Valley High School
    Elizabethton High School
    Tosha Ayers 
    Johnson County High School
    Unicoi County High School

    Stephanie Shores 
    Daniel Boone High School
    David Crockett High School
    Science Hill High School
    John Adcox 

 How much does it cost?
All services are offered at NO CHARGE to program participants.

Who can participate in the program?
Northeast State College Access Programs are designed for juniors and seniors at participating high schools. Space is limited.

  • For additional information, contact:  Erika Adams, Interim Director of College Access Programs at 423.323.0223 or e-mail at


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