Northeast State Articulation Program 

Articulation/dual credit is credit by assessment. Northeast State Community College has agreements in place with area high schools for high school instructors to teach classes that align with classes taught at the college. Students enrolled in these high school classes will have the opportunity to take the aligning college class’ final exam to earn free college credit!   

The courses currently offered for articulated credit at Northeast State Community College are linked below. Students should check with their CTE Principal to see which articulated courses their school currently offers to students.   

The process for earning free articulated credit is simple!   

  • Students enroll in a high school course that articulates with a college course at NeSCC.   
  • Upon completion of the high school course, the high school instructor will have a NeSCC proctor administer the articulation exam at the high school or students will take the articulation exam at Articulation Day at NeSCC. (Dates for Articulation Day are announced to high school CTE Principals in February-March.)  
  • Students must pass the articulation exam with a minimum grade of “C” for technical education classes. Health-related courses required a minimum grade of “B” on the articulation exam to receive college credit.   
  • Students enroll at Northeast State Community College within two years of high school graduation. (Dual enrolled student may have articulated credit transcribed immediately.)  
  • Students complete a Pathways form (linked below) and submit it to the Career and Technical Education office. 

Once the Pathways Form is received, NeSCC staff will transcribe the appropriate credit into the student’s transcript. For example, if a student makes a “B” on the WELD 1060 articulation examination; then he/she will have a B for the WELD 1060 class put on his/her transcript, earning four college credit hours for free along with the ability to move onto more advanced coursework! Students may have up to eight college credit hours transcribed on their transcript through articulation/dual credit.

Articulation/dual credit testing is an excellent opportunity for students to save time and money! The free college credit students can earn enables them to get a jump start on their college education! For more information, please contact the Career and Technical Education Director at 423.354.5166 or   

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