Please read all the following information before Scheduling a Test Date. 

All prospective students must submit a Northeast State Application for Admission before scheduling any assessment tests.  

Degree seeking students applying for admission to Northeast State undergo placement testing in English, reading, and algebra to ensure that each student is academically prepared to enter his or her chosen field of study. Students are assessed by either ACT/SAT or the COMPASS test. ACT and SAT scores must be within three years of the first day of class in order to be valid. Students who did not take the ACT or SAT or whose scores are invalid or do not have college transfer credit in English and/or math from a regionally accredited college will take COMPASS.


ACT sub-scores in English, Reading and Math are used to determine if students are college ready or if further assessment is needed.
Students with an ACT English subscore of 17 or less are required to take the COMPASS Writing Skills test.
Students with an ACT Reading subscore of 18 or less are required to take the COMPASS Reading test.
Students with an ACT Math subscore of 18 or less will take MyMath Test.  


COMPASS is a computerized test and tests in three areas: Writing Skills, Reading, and Algebra. It is user-friendly and computer skills are not required to take the test. A test administrator is always available to assist individuals. Score results are printed immediately after testing is completed. COMPASS tests are untimed; however, after 3 1/2 hours students will need to reschedule to complete testing.

**Students are encouraged to bring their own calculator. Calculators up to a TI-84 are permitted.**  

Subject   Score   Placement  
Writing Skills   1-76 Learning Support ENGL 0870
  77-99 College-Level
Reading   1-82 Learning Support READ 0870
  83-99 College-Level
Algebra   1-37 Learning Support - MyMath Test is required to determine level of Learning Support Math.  
  38-64 College-Level Math 1010, 1100, 1050, and 1530
  65-99 College-Level Math 1010, 1100, 1050, 1530, and 1710, CHEM 1110 and PHYS 2010.


Preparation for COMPASS


Learn more about COMPASS here. 

COMPASS Practice Tests

The University of North Georgia has created online practice tests for Writing Skills and Reading. Northeast State students have access to some, but not all, of the practice tests. Students may take eight practice COMPASS Writing exams and four practice tests for COMPASS Reading. The practice exams are modeled after the actual COMPASS test. Students who complete them will have a better understanding of how to take the test. Completion of the practice tests does not ensure placing college-level on the COMPASS Writing Skills and/or Reading tests. A PDF version of COMPASS Algebra with sample questions may be downloaded and printed. An online practice test is not available.

MyMath Test

MyMath Test will cover pre-high school competencies such as adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing whole numbers and decimals, working with fractions, and high school algebra. Once students take the MyMath Test an individualized study plan will be available. Students will be given information for accessing their individualized study plan after their test and will have free access to it for up to16 weeks. Students may retake the MyMath Test one time for free. All retesting must be completed prior to the first day of class.

 What You Need to Know

Students with a disability who need accommodations for testing must meet with the Center for Students with Disabilities, Room C1102 of the General Studies Building, prior to taking the COMPASS or MyMath Test. Contact 423.279.7640 for more information. Children are not allowed in the Testing Center during testing and must have adult supervision while on campus.

Read the Testing Center’s Examinee Guidelines.  


Day of Test

  1. STOP at the Welcome Center on the Blountville campus for a Visitor's Pass. Place Visitor's Pass on car dashboard to avoid receiving a parking ticket.
  2. PAY the $5.00 Testing Fee if you have not already done so. The $5.00 Testing Fee may be paid in cash at the Cashier's window, P203A, which is inside the Office of Admissions and Records on the second floor of the James Pierce Administration Building, at the Regional Center for Applied Technology (RCAT) in Kingsport, or at Northeast State at Brisol prior to the test.
  3. The Blountville Testing Center is located in Room C2106 of the General Studies Building. In Kingsport, the test is given in Room R135 of the RCAT located at 222 West Main Street. The Bristol address is 620 State Street, Suite 300.

Online Testing Registration

Testing is by appointment only.


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Students are allowed one retest. Retesting is free of charge.
A minimum two-week waiting period is required between tests.
Retesting is not allowed once a student has been enrolled in the required course and attended class.

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