It is the goal of Northeast State Community College to ensure equal educational opportunities for individuals with disabilities.  The Center for Students with Disabilities provides services and academic accommodations for students with disabilities who self-identify and provide appropriate documentation of the disability. Any student wishing to obtain services must contact the Center for Students with Disabilities. Accommodations are any modifications made to the physical or academic classroom environment that allow individuals with disabilities to fully participate. Accommodations do not alter essential course objectives, but rather allow students with disabilities to complete required coursework or participate in classroom activities in a different way. Some examples of accommodations include, but are not limited to:

  • extended time on tests
  • alternative test location
  • note taker services
  • scribes or readers
  • sign language interpreters
  • brailled or enlarged print
  • preferential seating
  • tape recording of class lectures
  • books on CD

After students register with the Center for Students with Disabilities, appropriate accommodations are determined. Faculty Accommodation Forms are prepared at the beginning of each semester. Students with disabilities must sign and pick up their letters from the CSD, and deliver them to instructors during the first week of classes. Students are advised to schedule a meeting with each instructor to discuss how accommodations will be arranged in each class, and to share any additional information that may help instructors to work effectively with the student. Some students may wish to receive accommodation letters before classes begin so that accommodations may be arranged before the first day of class. It is very important for students to report any difficulties regarding accommodations to the CSD coordinator immediately.