The Northeast State Early College effort is an attempt to form partnerships with area school systems in order to create innovative high school programs.

Early colleges are not a new idea but they are somewhat new to the state of Tennessee.  These innovative schools traditionally target students with the ability and maturity to work on both a high school diploma and a two-year college degree simultaneously.  The guiding ideals of rigor and relevance for students are combined with the thought that a change in location and expectations will motivate the student to perform up to their ability and afford them the opportunity to attend college.  The relocation of students has been termed “The Power of the Site.”

The public school partners identify which part of their student population they would like to see benefit from the early college opportunity and will conduct the application process. They also determine what type of two-year degree or training that they wish for their students to be able to pursue.  Some early colleges focus on a university parallel degree that allows the student to complete the program and enter a state university with junior standing.  Other early colleges are designed around technical programs and the workforce needs of the given area.

After students have been recommended and approved for the Early College Program, they will be required to complete the following application process for Northeast State Community College:

  • Complete Northeast State application process
  • Provide appproval letter from high school administration
  • Complete the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Form
  • Complete the Hepatitis B Immunization Health History Form

Currently, Northeast State and Kingsport City Schools are partnering in an Early College effort that began in January 2012.  Future opportunities are being discussed with other school systems.

For more information regarding the early college effort at Northeast State, please contact:

Dr. Pashia Hogan
Interim Assistant Vice President, Evening and Distance Education
Email: phhogan@NortheastState.edu
Telephone: 423-354-2425