What is NextStep?
NextStep is a fast-track alternative delivery program wherein students may complete an Associate of Science degree in General Studies (University Parallel) in 22 months.* Following completion of the degree, students may transfer to a four-year institution for completion of a bachelor's degree. NextStep is a component of the Accelerated Studies Program and is organized around a cohort concept. Generally, students attend classes two nights each week**, complete coursework via traditional, Interactive Television (ITV) and online modalities, and progress with the same group of students. Classes are generally held in seven week blocks, allowing students continual progress through the program.

*Completion time may vary according to the number of courses taken each semester. 
** Based on course availability or student schedule, students may attend classes more than two nights each week. 
What is an Associate of Science Degree in General Studies
The Associate of Science Degree in General Studies is designed for the student who plans to transfer to a senior/four-year institution and may be undecided on a particular major field of study at the bachelor’s degree level. The A.S. general studies degree provides the core courses typically taken during the freshman and sophomore years. Based on your choice of major, enrollment in the NextStep Program may not be appropriate. Students wishing to enter a specific college major (i.e., nursing, education, biology) must follow the appropriate curriculum guide for the proposed major. Depending on the major field selected, some courses offered in the NextStep Program may not fulfill program requirements.

What is the Allied Health Cohort? 
The Allied Health cohort is designed for the student who plans to apply to one of the Northeast State Allied Health programs*. The majority of Pre-Allied Health prerequisites are covered in this two semester cohort** utilizing an assortment of accelerated and hybrid course formats.

*Students must apply to a Pre-Allied Health program. Attending cohort classes will NOT guarantee acceptance/admittance into program. 
**Students must meet with a Pre-Allied Health advisor to discuss program specific prerequisites.   

How is NextStep different from traditional college? 
The NextStep Program is in an accelerated learning format. Most classes are offered in seven week blocks. This structure differs from the 15-week semester generally found in the traditional college format. A significant portion of the learning process takes place outside the traditional classroom; therefore, students must be highly motivated, independent learners.
How can I be admitted as a NextStep student at Northeast State? 
Students wishing to enter the NextStep Program must comply with the general admission procedures of Northeast State: 

1. Complete Application for Admission.
2. Submit $10.00 non-refundable application fee to the Business Office.
3. Submit official ACT report (not required if 21 years of age or older. Applicants 21 or older will be required to take the COMPASS Test). Official ACT report can be requested by writing to American College Testing Program, PO Box 412, Iowa City, Iowa 52240. ACT scores on official high school transcripts are acceptable, as are SAT scores.
4. Submit proof of citizenship or lawful presence in the United States (Driver’s license/state ID or birth certificate).
5. Request high school to forward official transcript to Office of Admissions and Records.
6. If earned a High School Equivalency or GED diploma, have official transcript sent directly from reporting institution to the Office of Admissions and Records.
7. Complete Northeast State Hepatitis B Immunization Health History Form and Certificate of Immunization Form. 

Is financial aid available for NextStep students? 
Financial aid programs at Northeast State are available for all qualified students.

How do I apply for assistance?
You can apply for and receive funds from one or more of the programs to help meet your educational expenses. The Financial Aid Office at Northeast State will provide suggestions, help, and guidance in applying for financial aid.

How do I register for NextStep classes?
NextStep students register for classes by contacting Jennifer Thacker at 423.354.5187 or by email at