Summary of "Green Survey" responses as of April 2010


The respondents submitting ideas during the month of April echoed many of the same ideas expressed in the March collection period. Respondents would like to see more campus-wide use of electronic resources en lue of paper forms or academic materials. Also appearing again is the theme of providing more recycling collection centers on all campuses to make recycling more pervasive, and to facilitate the collection.

Ideas on how to “Save money” 

As seen in the March responses to this question, increasing access and use of more “D2L/Online textbooks/e-resources” dominated the responses to this prompt. Respondents wanted to use less paper forms, more electronic classroom documents, and to have the option to use the Web to perform transactions. Appearing in this month’s surveys were various ideas on making more ecologically conscientious purchases for the College. Ideas ranged from increasing compact-florescent lighting to general high efficiency appliances.

Ideas on how to “Be more efficient” 

This question had fewer suggestions, including less repeats of last month’s suggestions. Most respondents, again, suggested the College use more online resources (electronic forms and D2L) and buy products that consume less energy.

Ideas on how to “Implement strategies for going green” 

Having more recycling bins on all campuses dominated the responses to this question. It would appear as though having more visible symbols of conservation (i.e. recycling bins) would be the first step toward making the campus feel like something is being done in the area of “going green”.