Professional Development

The Tennessee Board of Regents and Northeast State recognize the need for the continued professional growth and development of faculty and staff. 

This continued growth and development is necessary to: 

  • meet the changing needs and expectations of students,
  • include new developments in academic and professional disciplines,
  • reflect new instructional, public service, and research strategies and techniques,
  • encourage and promote staff productivity.

The College plans and implements a structured and coordinated professional development program established to achieve a variety of predetermined institutional objectives.    

April 2nd: "Can't focus? Stressed? Study Skills Seminar"  

Sponsored by Academic Affairs/Evening Distance Education/College Access 
  • Facilitated by Dr. Chris Dula, Associate Professor of Psychology at ETSU
  • 3:30 - 4:30PM; Auditorium
  • For more information contact Susan Prohaska at x5517



(Hosted by your Center For Teaching Excellence and STEPsAhead) 

For the past two years, several of your colleagues have learned how to implement the principles of Cooperative Learning in their classes and meetings, and have revised their ideas about how group learning can work to create exciting, meaningful, and productive learning environments.  Now it's your turn to see what all the excitement is about! 

Facilitated by Dr. Rick Merritt and Dawn Dabney, learn how to engage students and co-workers in dynamic group activities that redefine how groups interact and learn together - forget all the negative things you have hear about cooperative or collaborative learning, and prepare for an attitude-changing experience! 

Four Friday sessions (you need to make a commitment to attend all four: 

  • Session 1: February 13th 
  • Session 2: February 20th  
  • Session 3: March 20th 
  • Session 4: April 10th