STARLINK offers a different streaming video each month on various topics. These streaming videos offered to all faculty and staff and can be watched from any computer with internet access (broadband internet access such as cable or DSL are recommended). Topics are available online during the month listed.
To access a streaming video:
  • You must register and create an individual account to access all STARLINK resources. In order to register, you must have a current Northeast State E-mail address. Please email if you have any questions. 
  • View the available programs by logging into the STARLINK website.

The following programs are available 24/7 for the entire month. 

January 2016  
February 2016   
March 2016   
April 2016   
May 2016   
June 2016   
July 2016   
August 2015  Student Motivation: Techniques for the College Instructor
September 2015   
October 2015   
November 2015   
December 2015