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What are the types of financial aid?

    A financial aid package consists of scholarships, grants, loans, and employment opportunities to help students meet education related expenses. 


    Grants and scholarships are student awards that generally do not have to be paid back. Generally, grants are based on financial need.  Scholarships, on the other hand, are based on student merit, performance, and talent.  However, some scholarships do consider student need in determining eligibility.


    Loans represent money that the student or parent borrows and repays with interest. Usually, loans are offered at low interest rates with long-term repayment plans. Payments are generally made after the student leaves school. Some loans require a demonstration of need, while others do not.  Although Northeast State no longer participates in the Direct Loan program, student loans may be available through an alternative or private lender.

    Employment Opportunities

    Employment opportunities enable a student to earn income at an hourly wage rate in return for part-time work. Employment is generally on campus; however, some eligible students will have the opportunity to perform community service jobs on and off campus or be employed as tutors in local elementary schools with the America Reads Program.