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How Do I Request Adjustments Due To Special Circumstances?

PLEASE READ PRIOR TO REQUESTING: Under certain circumstances the Financial Aid Administrator has the authority, on the basis of adequate documentation, to make adjustments on a case-by-case basis to the cost of attendance or the values of the data items required to calculate an expected student or parent contribution (or both) to allow for treatment of a financial aid applicant with special circumstances.  It is important to note that in order to qualify for a special circumstance, the situation must be out of the student's control.

Special circumstances that may be considered are:

  • Dependency Status: A dependent student who has totally lost contact with parents and has been unable to locate them after making reasonable efforts, has been abandoned by parents, or was in an abusive family environment may be eligible to apply for a dependency override.
  • Loss of employment and/or loss of income
  • Death of a spouse or parent after FAFSA was filed
  • Separation or divorce after FAFSA was filed
  • Unusual medical or dental expenses not covered by insurance (Must be out-of-pocket medical expenses).
  • Loss of child support
  • Loss of unemployment or disability benefits

To request an adjustment due to special circumstances, you must obtain a Dependency Override or Request for Recalculation 2015-2016 form from the Financial Aid Office or by clicking the links above. You will need to complete the respective form in full and submit it to the Financial Aid Office along with a detailed written statement explaining why you are asking for a Dependency Override and/or Request for Recalculation.  The specific type of documentation that will need to be submitted along with your written statement will vary depending on the specifics surrounding your special circumstance.  If it is determined that additional information is needed, beyond what is detailed on the Dependency Override or Request for Recalculation form, the Financial Aid Office staff will contact you as soon as possible.

Please be advised that a special circumstance can only be approved for extenuating circumstances that are beyond the student's control and for which appropriate documentation is provided.