Out-of-state students please refer to the information provided through the following link:  Electronic Campus 

Regents Online Degree Program
RODP - (courses with section number R50/R01/R25)

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Northeast State and the Tennessee Board of Regents colleges, universities, and technical centers have joined to offer the Regents Online Degree Program(RODP). The Regents online course schedules are designed in interactive asynchronousformat (students will not meet with instructors). Student Services are available to RODP students. Technical support for accessing course lessons and assignments are available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Regents' courses are entirely online with the exception of some proctored tests and are transferable among all the participating institutions. Before registering for a RODP course, please read the "What To Do Next" student services information. Upon registering for an RODP course, visit the Regent's Online Degree Program homepage at www.rodp.org. Click here to see the RODP Calendar. RODP course descriptions can be found at http://www.rodp.org/course-catalog.

For additional information contact the Student Success Center at 
423.323.0214 or email rodp@NortheastState.edu.


Regents Online Continuing Education(ROCE)

ROCE offers an extensive Continuing Education program in a non-traditional method for adults regardless of their educational background. For more information go to http://www.rodp.org/continuing-education.  

 Northeast State Internet Courses

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Northeast State's regular schedule of classes includes Internet courses that offer students the opportunity to complete all or part of their course work via the Internet. These online courses are different from the RODP courses. Classes follow a traditional schedule or may meet only at selected times in a synchronous format throughout the semester (students may meet with instructors four to five times on campus ). To complete all requirements for these courses, students must be able to access the Internet through the college's facilities or secure access on their own.

For more information concerning Northeast State's Internet courses contact the office of Evening and Distance Education at 423.323.0221 or email EveDistEdu@NortheastState.edu.

 Hybrid Courses

These college-credit courses allow students some of the convenience of an online course while offering more time in class with the instructor. If classes are cancelled due to inclement weather, classes will meet the same day and time the following week.

For more information concerning Northeast State's hybrid courses contact the office of Evening and Distance Education at 423.323.0221 or email EveDistEdu@NortheastState.edu.