Confirmation of registration is the process of confirming your intent to attend the classes for which you are enrolled.
ALL Students planning to attend classes must pay fees or confirm registration to avoid having their schedule deleted.
Your registration is considered confirmed when one or more of the following conditions have been met:

  1. You have grants, scholarships, payment by third party, or any other type of financial aid covering ALL Fees AND you have confirmed your registration thru My.Northeast.
  2. Students who pay their fees are considered confirmed when the account is paid in full.
  3. Students with partial financial aid are not considered confirmed until the balance is paid in full.


  1. Log into 
  2. Click on My.Northeast located at both the bottom and top of the page.  
  3. Click on the Banner Self Service folder then Student Folder 
  4. In the Registration folder icon 
  5. Click on Registration fee assessment folder icon 
  6. Click on Account Detail for Term/Confirm Enrollment/Credit Card Payment 
  7. Click Yes, I will attend or No, I will not attend. 
  8. If you click yes and have a balance you will be directed to the secure payment site. 
  9. If you click no your schedule will be deleted on the date of the next purge. 

Should you have questions or concerns you can contact the Business Office at:
Phone: 423.354.2511 or email: nsccbusoffar@NortheastState.ed