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Tech Track Dual Enrollment
Associate of Applied Science
Career Technical Education 

Tech Track is a Dual Enrollment program focused in Career Technical Education and is a cooperative effort between local high schools and Northeast State Community College. This program provides qualified high school students an opportunity to get on "Track" to technical careers after high school.  Students seeking this training and striving for employment in an industrial setting can enroll in college classes while still in high school. Students may earn six or more semester hours of college credit and satisfy specific courses required for high school graduation through the Tech Track Program. The curriculum for each Tech Track Program is specifically designed to fulfill the course requirements of high schools participating in the program. As a result, individual program offerings may vary from school to school or system-to-system. 

Questions regarding a particular program offering may be directed to the high school counselor or Northeast State's Division of Evening and Distance Education. Please contact Ms. Chelsea Rose by email at or at 423.354.5166.


  • Students will receive part of the collegiate-level instruction while remaining in their own high school environment.
  • Students are intellectually and academically challenged, enhancing leadership and social development.
  • Students receivefull library privileges and access to college activities.

Students that enter the program as a junior and follow a predetermined pathway may conceivably earn a college technical certificate by high school graduation. Participating students may also earn a WorkKeys® Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) which is a nationally recognized certificate that enhances a student’s resume and credentials in the job market. Please click on the KeyTrain® link to learn more about the program and the many benefits it holds for students.   

  • Students wishing to graduate in this program will have to complete all Northeast State admission requirements and program requirements, with the exception of the high school diploma.

Program Entrance Requirements 

  • Students must have junior or senior standing in high school.
  • Students must submit a Northeast State application for admission with an application fee and provide a high school transcript.
  • Courses must be chosen by the student in consultation with the high school counselor or principal and the assistant vice president of Evening and Distance Education.
  • Students may be required to take certain program classes at one of Northeast State's teaching sites, which will require students to have a means of transportation available to them.
  • Students may not enroll in more than 12-credit hours per semester without approval of the assistant vice president for Evening and Distance Education.
  • Exceptions to the above criteria must be approved by the high school principal and the vice president for Academic Affairs.

The following information is required to complete your student application file: 

  • Northeast State Application - $10.00 Application Fee (non-refundable)
  • Signed Transcript Request Form
  • Provide Official Copy of High School Transcript
  • Complete the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Form
  • Complete the Hepatitis B Immunization Health History Form
  • Academic Qualification Verification Form

Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grant
The program is funded by the Tennessee Lottery and administered by the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation. It is designed to provide financial assistance to qualified high school students in pursuit of post-secondary study at an eligible Tennessee public or private institution while receiving dual high school and college credit from successfully completed courses. This program provides opportunities for these students to begin working toward a college certificate or degree, while still pursuing a high school diploma. The Tech Track Program encourages post-secondary education and the acceleration of post-secondary attainment. The term "dual enrollment" applies to these enrollments regardless of course delivery location or course delivery method.

Grades and Transferability
All courses employ the Northeast State grading scale. If a student fails to maintain a grade of "C" in a Jump Start course, he/she will be required to withdraw from the program. All grades earned will become a permanent part of the student's academic record at Northeast State.  Please contact Ms. Chelsea Rose by email at or at 423.354.5166 in High School Transition Programs for advisement and enrollment process.