Northeast State Community College Nursing Program


To be the best community college Nursing Program in the state and region recognized for excellence in improving nursing education through teaching, learning, and service.

Northeast State Community College Nursing Program


The purpose/mission of Northeast State Community College Nursing Program is to provide instruction in nursing and promote the health of the community as evidenced by a commitment to accessible high-quality nursing education, learning, and service.   

Northeast State Community College Nursing Program

Guiding Beliefs

Northeast State Community College Nursing Program embraces these guiding beliefs:

  1. Accessibility - All citizens should have the opportunity to reach their full potential through participation in higher education nursing programs.
  2. Accountability - Effectiveness and efficiency in nursing education are achieved through the wise use of human and financial resources.
  3. Cooperation - Forming partnerships and working with others facilitates the achievement of common nursing education and healthcare goals.
  4. Diversity -  Creativity and achievement of health are fostered through respect for all individuals and their ideas.
  5. Excellence - Quality in nursing education is ensured by using information gathered through continuous planning, assessment, and evaluation.
  6. Integrity - Success in nursing education occurs in an environment of honesty, openness, fairness and trust where people are treated with dignity and respect.