If you are interested in growing for the sake of your family, community, or career – OR if you would like to help others as they are seeking to grow - don’t miss this chance to hear and share ideas with others on campus. 




Learn the effects sitting for a long time has on the body, conducted by Mike Miller.  

Inclusive Leadership and Instruction through Storytelling, conducted by Dr. Miriam Phillips. 
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“Curious” by Ian Leslie, conducted by Jim Kelly.
Rachel Schott, Director of Recruitment for LMU, will be onsite to offer an overview/Q&A of their programs.  Please rsvp to jlbarnett@northeaststate.edu if you plan to attend the session.  


   2/18/15 Cindy Tauscher facilitates this Lunch and Learn.  She will be speaking on the Management of Organizational Behavior.  Click here to register.  This information is also available on the Northeast State Bulletin Board