There shall be nine early implementers annually. This group shall research and pilot the annual student-centered instructional best practice themes one year in advance of the full faculty body, and they will help determine the student-centered instructional best practice initiatives. They shall also aid in hosting workshops and divisional meetings to train the faculty at-large. This organizational structure will further promote buy-in from the faculty at-large since there will be at least one faculty member from each academic division on the Team. Furthermore, it shall provide a voice and input from the students to help direct the project. The CTE Director and the QEP Implementation Team Chair shall provide direction and oversight to the early implementer team.

Self-Regulated Learning - Year 1  Active Learning - Year 2 
Self-Efficacy  Participation 
Key Concepts Notebooks: Linda Lahr
Technology as a Tool: David Haga
Individual Student Projects: Keith Glover
Fragmented Lecturing: Eric Fish
Enhanced Lecturing: Dawn Dabney
Just in Time Teaching: Dr. David Maldon
Self-Evaluation  Reflection 
Summary Evaluation Quiz: Dr. Melessia Webb
Cumulative Evaluations: Dr. David Maldon
Error Logs: Dr. Pashia Hogan
Brainstorming: Dr. Pashia Hogan
Modeling: Dr. Brent Lockhart
Learning Contracts: David Haga
Self-Observation  Connection 
Journaling: Eric Fish
Study Reports: Dawn Dabney
Self-observation Logs: Dr. Rick Merritt
Peer Reviews: Darren Ellenberg
Case Studies: Kim Harp
Gaming: Dr. Rick Merritt



Collaborative/Cooperative Learning - Year 3   Higher Order Thinking - Year 4 
Informal Learning Groups  Critical Thinking 
Three-Minute Reflections: Darren Ellenberg
Peer Assessment: Eric Fish
Real-Time Collaboration: Jessica Isaacs
Evaluating: Dr. Rick Merritt
Interpreting: David Bryant 
Questioning: Lyn Anderson
Formal Learning Groups  Problem Solving 

Content Focus Groups: Dr. Rick Merritt
Project-Based Learning: Lyn Anderson
Study Groups: Dr. Brent Lockhart

Modeling: Mike McAninch
Rewinding: Jessica Isaacs
Formulating: Dr. David Maldon
Hybrid Learning Groups   Bridge Building 
Jigsaw: Dawn Dabney
Collaborative Problem Solving: Ernie Morelock
Focused Listing: Dr. David Maldon
Metaphorming: Eric Fish
Transferring: Dawn Dabney 
Archetyping: Lisa Poole



Early Implementer Journals