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Scholarship Programs and Student Needs

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Counseling and Testing Services


Apply your past
Find helpful resources
Meet criteria and deadlines
Explore new opportunities

Assess your present
Gauge academic readiness
Understand attitudes and behaviors
Manage life's stressors 

Scholarships LabeledYou can't achieve a scholarship if you don't apply. Northeast State has no guaranteed scholarship programs, so you have to apply and meet deadlines to be considered. Your past experiences and academic performance may qualify you for additional college and community resources beyond federal and state financial aid programs. Internal and external sources of assistance to meet student
needs exist; you just have to do your research.
Testing Services LabeledYou can't achieve life balance if you don't assess your current situations. Whether academic readiness or identifying personal attitudes or obstacles, understanding where you are at in the present is essential to moving forward in life. How you deal with school, work, family, and the stresses of everyday life is up to you. Assess now so that Northeast State can help you find the resources to determine your next step.
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Student Life

Campus Activities

Leadership Programs

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Health Services


Engage your interests
Participate in campus activities
Join a student organization
Develop leadership skills

Live your future
Be physically active
Make healthy choices
Seek advice and referrals

Student Life LabeledYou can't achieve a goal without engaging in its development. By putting to use what you have learned in life and in the classroom, you can empower yourself and others. Northeast State sponsors many activities and organizations that allow you to move beyond your expectations. From intramurals to student advocacy, engagement leads to confidence and confidence leads to success. Health Services LabeledYou can't achieve a bright future if you're not around to live it. Your ability to enjoy life depends on making the right choices with timely interventions and diagnoses. Northeast State can help you find a path to wellness and healthy lifestyles that promote quality of life now and for the future you. Your lifelong physical and emotional well-being impacts those you love, too. Stay healthy and live well while achieving your dreams.
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