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Health Issues Affecting Academic Performance of NortheastState Students

Student Health Services is actively engaged in addressing the health concerns of Northeast State students through clinical services and disease prevention and health promotion programming. Underlying these service activities is the collection of information on the health problems, behaviors, and perceptions of students. Two recent surveys shed light on key health concerns impacting our students' success.


Northeast State Health Risk Behavior Assessment Results – October 2001

The Student Health Clinic surveyed EDUC 1010 and DSPL 0800 classes for health risk behaviors and compared that data to the 1995 CDC National College Health Risk Behavior Survey (NCHRBS)

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The NationalCollege Health Assessment (NCHA) was administered in the Spring of 2000 to 16,024 college students across the nation.


Some of the significant findings were:

Ø      Mental health issues such as stress, sleep difficulties, relationship difficulties, and depression have the most significant impact on academic performance. 

Ø      Cold, flu, and sore throat, frequent reasons for visits to the Student Health Clinic are the second most common causes of poor academic performance among all college students.

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