In Case Of An Emergency:

Northeast State Student Health Services provides nursing assessment of minor illness and injuries to help you avoid missing classes and valuable study time. If you have a life-threatening illness or injury that requires an ambulance, call 911 immediately from any campus phone. Campus Police will notify the Campus Nurse and will arrive within minutes to help. Campus Police and the Campus Nurse work together with the sick student, staff, or faculty and the local EMS.



Northeast State has eleven AED (Automatic External Defibrillators).


Locations of AEDs 


Main Campus - Blountville 

General Studies Building (Across from C2401)

Wayne G. Basler Library (By Circulation Desk, main lobby)

Wellmont Performing Arts Center (First Floor across from D192)

Humanities Building (Beside H129)

Math/Science Building (Beside elevator – First floor)



Northeast State at Elizabethton 



Northeast State at Kingsport 

Regional Center for Applied Technology (First floor lobby)
Regional Center for Health Professions (First floor lobby)

Regional Center for Advanced Manufacturing (First floor lobby)

Kingsport Center for Higher Education (First floor lobby)


Northeast State at Gray 


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