Services Offered

Minor First Aid

Self care items such as bandaids, ice packs, elastic bandages, eye wash kits, etc. are available from the clinic.


Minor Illness

Brief Nursing Assessment and self-care handouts on home care and when to call the doctor are available. Some non-prescription medications are available in the clinic in unit dose packs. The campus bookstore also has some over the counter medications that you can purchase.


Blood Pressure Assessments

Anyone over 18 should have their blood pressure checked once a year.


Flu Shot Clinic

A Flu Shot Clinic will be coordinated by the Student Health Clinic in October or November depending on the availability of vaccine. Watch the Campus TV for dates.


Height and Weight Measurement

Body Mass Index (BMI) Score


Diet and Exercise Tips


Breast and Testicular Self-Exam Training


“You Can Quit Smoking”

Free Booklet and Worksheet


Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention Information


Stress and Time Management Tips


Health Safety Education

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