American College Health Association-National College Health Assessment Data Summary: Impediments to Academic Performance

The American College Health Association-National College Health Assessment asks the following survey question:

Within the last school year/12 months have any of the following mental or physical health problems affected your academic performance (received a lower grade on an exam or important project, received a lower grade in the course, received an incomplete or dropped the course)? (Subjects were given a list of 25 choices; top 5 responses are summarized below.)

The top five impediments to academic performance:
(1) stress
(2) cold/flu/sore throat
(3) sleep difficulties
(4) concern for friend or family
(5) depression/anxiety disorders

The top four remain unchanged in ACHA-NCHA survey results since 2000.

The rate of students reporting ever being diagnosed with depression has increased 56% in the last six years, from 10% in spring 2000 to 16% in spring 2005.

13% of students reported experiencing an emotionally abusive relationship in the last school year.

6% of students reported having a cigarette daily in the past 30 days. Students perceive other students daily cigarette use to be 39%.

*SOURCE: Spring 2005 ACHA-NCHA Reference Group. Data set of 54,111 students and 71 schools.

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