Sanctioned Student Organizations/Programs

Alpha Sigma Lambda National Honor Society - Alpha Sigma Lambda National Honor Society is a nonprofit organization devoted to the advancement of scholarship and to the recognition of non-traditional students continuing their higher education. Membership is extended by invitation in the spring of the academic year. The Nu Sigma Chi Chapter at Northeast State is one of over 300 institutional chapters throughout the United States. Maggie Flint (F232, ext. 423-354-2591) and Mahmood Sabri (F203, 423-354-2572) serve as advisors.

American Welding Society (AWS) Holston Valley Student Chapter- Northeast State’s student section of the American Welding Society promotes the application and research of welding/metal fabrication among students. Educational development, sound practices, and career opportunities are emphasized. Jon Cookson (RCAM144, 423-354-5212) is the faculty advisor.

Argumentation and Debate Society - The purpose of the Argumentation and Debate Society is to provide students with an opportunity to participate in competitive forensic tournaments. The society also provides learners with a forum for free expression and offers opportunities for students to voice their opinions on current events and matters of interest to the academic community. Rick Merritt (H215, 423-279-3691), Ruth Livingston (H214, 423-279--7657), and Laura Barnett (H206, 423—354-2556) are the faculty advisors.

Art Club - The Art Club is open to all Northeast State students, faculty and staff. Our purpose is to promote an appreciation of visual artistic expression on the Northeast State Community College campus. We seek to provide a forum through which NES students, in particular, can obtain professional skills relevant to support academic endeavors in the visual arts.  This organization will also provide students, faculty, staff, and the community opportunities to develop skills in a variety of visual art media. Christal Hensley (H120, 423-354-2595), and Donna Wilt (H218, 423-354-5250) serve as advisors.

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) - The Association for Computing Machinery is an international scientific and educational professional organization dedicated to advancing the arts, sciences, and applications of information technology. With a world-wide membership, ACM is a leading resource for computing professionals and students working in the various fields of information technology and for interpreting the impact of information technology on society. The Northeast State chapter provides a way for students to meet and interact with other members on the local level as well as participate in events sponsored by the professional organization on the regional and national levels. Allan Anderson (F213, ext. 423-354-2598) and Karen Nunan (F216, 423-354-2407) serve as faculty advisors.

Black Student Association (BSA) - The Black Student Association is an educational and cultural non-profit and non-political organization based at Northeast State. The organization is open to all Northeast State students, faculty, and staff. Its primary purpose is to serve the interests of minority students. The BSA provides a professional, informational, and social network for students of African descent to ensure their retention, academic excellence, and participation in student life at Northeast State. Contact advisor Sherman Patrick (H111, 423-354-2493) for more information.

Campus Christian Fellowship (CCF) - The Campus Christian Fellowship provides opportunities for students and employees to meet regularly to enjoy Christian fellowship and fun. Meetings include a variety of activities for encouragement, fellowship, Bible and topical studies, devotions, and prayer. Activities and meetings may be held on various NeSCC campuses. The club may also sponsor speakers or musical concerts for the campus, attend area concerts, and participate in school-wide events. CCF is not exclusive to any denomination and all are welcome to attend.  Teressa Dobbs (KCHE104, 423-354-5151) and John Melendez (F231, 423-354-2452) are the faculty advisors.

Clinical Laboratory Science Club - The Clinical Laboratory Science Club promotes understanding of the field of laboratory medicine through scheduled meetings, distribution of educational materials, participation in recruitment opportunities at elementary/secondary schools and organizations, as well as through community service projects. Funds are raised to attend state and national meetings for the purpose of continuing education and networking with peers. Anyone interested in club membership is invited to join. Rose Marie Spangler (RCHP 124, 423-354-5500) is the faculty advisor.

Computer Gaming Club - The purpose of the club is to promote an increased knowledge of the science, design, development, construction, language, and applications of modern computing machinery through the exploration of computer game development and to provide a means of communication between persons having an interest in computer programming and game software development. Kurt Kominek (F215, 423-354-2583) serves as advisor.

The Cor Group - The Cor Group is a Christian organization for members of the NeSCC community. The name is derived from a teaching of John Henry Cardinal Newman, "Cor ad cor loquitur," meaning heart speaks to heart. This phrase embodies the vital calling of Christians to speak with more than just words and to reach out with love to the hearts of others. The Cor Group is involved with ETSU's Catholic Center, and Fr. Michael Cummins leads most of the discussions and activities. The Cor Group is not exclusive to any denomination, and members come from a variety of backgrounds. All are welcome! Michael Pagel (H115, 423-354-2431) serves as advisor.

Council for Leadership, Advocacy, and Student Success (CLASS) - Northeast State’s Council for Leadership, Advocacy, and Student Success strives to improve the quality of student life by representing the student body, providing leadership development opportunities, and promoting communication between students, administration, faculty, and staff. For more information, visit the CLASS Office in Room A212C of the Student Services Building. Keith Glover (A213, 423-354-2474) and Eric Fish (H118, 423-354-2400) are the advisors.

Criminal Justice Society (CJS) - The Criminal Justice Society serves as an organization dedicated to exposing students to critical issues of justice and equal treatment in America by agencies of the criminal justice system. To accomplish this goal, the society promotes excellence in the education of criminal justice; strives to promote better relations between local criminal justice agencies and the general public; serves as a liaison between local agencies and Northeast State, and provides members with information on the varied nature of career opportunities in criminal justice. Steve Buttolph (H216, 423-323-0227) is the faculty advisor.

Drama Club - The Drama Club is open to all students, faculty, and staff who want to expand their understanding and enjoyment of drama. Students who are interested in acting, directing, working backstage, or just watching live theatre are encouraged to join. Drama Club members raise funds to assist with travel to see top quality productions. Eric Fish (H118, 423-354-2400) and Elizabeth Sloan (H106, 423-354-2479) are the faculty advisors.

DREAM Club (Disability Rights, Education Advocacy, and Mentoring) - The purpose of DREAM is to provide students, faculty, and staff an opportunity to become involved in activities which will facilitate the growth of a campus environment supportive of academic, social, and personal success; promote acceptance, respect, and inclusion; and build leadership and self-advocacy skills for any student with a disability. Amanda Baldwin-Estep (C1102, 423-354-5226) and Bernice Hagaman (P106, 423-323-0208) serve as advisors.

Echoes and Images - Echoes and Images is Northeast State’s student literary magazine. Published in the spring, the magazine features poems, short stories, essays, and visual art by currently enrolled students. Entry deadline for submissions is at the end of the fall semester. Exact dates are posted during the fall semester. Cash prizes are awarded to the first- and second-place winners in each category. Echoes and Images has been consistently recognized for excellence by the Southern Division of the Community College Humanities Association. Tempi Hale (H102, 423-354-2594), Christal Hensley (H120, 423-354-2595) Sandra Hiortdahl (H220, 423-354-5176), Josh Archer (H121, 423-354-2557), and Donna Wilt (H218, 423-354-5250) are the faculty editors.

Elizabethton Service Club - The Northeast State at Elizabethton Service Club strives to generate and foster awareness and public interest within the community for Northeast State at Elizabethton. The club provides opportunities for students, staff, and faculty to develop leadership skills and to promote civic responsibility by working together through club activities. Contact Northeast State at Elizabethton at 423.547.8450 for more information.

Fly Fishing Club (FFC) - The Club was formed in cooperation with Trout Unlimited’s 5 Rivers Program.  This college fly fishing club is open to all Northeast State Community College students as well as the surrounding community members to promote the art of Fly Fishing as well as river/creek conservation. The mission of the FFC is to promote conservation as well as coordinate a variety of events, from fly tying and fly casting to streamside volunteer projects and dynamic guest speakers. The FCC also provides an outlet for fellow fly fishermen to get together on the river for fellowship and adventure. Johnny Bragg (H224, 423-354-5163) serves as faculty advisor.

Gay – Straight Alliance (GSA) - The primary objective of the Gay – Straight Alliance is to provide social and educational support outlets and to promote equality, understanding, and acceptance of all students, faculty, and staff members of the NeSCC community regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. Francis Canedo (H107, 423-279-3694) is the advisor.

“Glee” Club – The Northeast State “Glee” Club is open to all Northeast State Community College students who have an interest in music. The purpose of Northeast State “Glee” Club is to create and foster fellowship by giving students an opportunity to meet with one another, exchange ideas, encourage the understanding of the cultures of all students, develop character and leadership, and promote activities that stress the love and importance of music in their lives. Tawana Teague (H208, 423-354-5164) serves as faculty advisor.

GREENS - The GRassroots Environmental Efforts at Northeast State is a club for students, staff, and faculty who are interested in helping preserve our fragile environment. The club’s main focus is to foster environmental leadership and stewardship at Northeast State and beyond. GREENS accomplishes this through education and action. Everyone has a part to play, and GREENS intends to educate others on how they can participate in this worthwhile effort. Jim Henrichs (P202, 423-354-2481) and Mike Zimmerman (F113, 423-354-5165) serves as advisors.

Intramurals - Athletic activities, sports tournaments, and wellness events are offered by the Office of Campus Activities to help students safely acquire behaviors conducive to healthy lifestyles that enrich the quality of life, including access to gym equipment during open hours at the campus Physical Education Classroom (Room D192). Contact Mark Beaty (A215, 423-354-5241) or Tony Kay (D192, 423-354-5158) for more information.

Los Americanos - Los Americanos strives to teach awareness and understanding of Hispanic culture and traditions, as well as of the Spanish language. The club seeks to introduce members to a variety of concerns, issues, and current events that impact the Latin community. Students are not required to speak Spanish to become members of the organization. Francis Canedo (H107, 423-279-3694) is the faculty advisor.

The Lyceum - The Lyceum is a lecture series sponsored by the Honors Program at Northeast State. Guest lecturers representing a variety of disciplines and perspectives present programs to stimulate critical thinking and to enlighten students, faculty, staff, and the community. Lectures are free and open to the public. For each semester’s Lyceum schedule, contact Jane Honeycutt (H203, 423-354-2596), who serves as coordinator of the Honors Program.

Motorsports Club - The purpose of the Motorsports Club is to foster education in the maintenance and modifications of not only automobiles but also all modes of transportation. It is meant for member enjoyment, student-based growth, expanding and fostering friendships, and developing leadership skills in a friendly environment over a common interest. Ernie Morelock (S102, 423-354-2401) is the faculty advisor.

Northeast State National Alumni Association - This association is open to all former students who have taken credit courses at Northeast State or the college by its former name, Tri-Cities State Technical Institute. The purpose of the association is to further interest in Northeast State and to foster communication between the college and its alumni. The association holds several events each year that encourage alumni to renew their ties with the institution and to cultivate friendships and professional relationships. Contact Carol Lyon (P316, 423-279-7630) for more information.

Northeast State Scholars Foundation - The purpose of the Northeast State Scholars Foundation is to support the activities of the Northeast State Community College Foundation through student-driven initiatives that promote private giving and service learning. As a student foundation, the organization cultivates philanthropy among campus constituencies and seeks to incorporate philanthropic campaigns within the college’s mission. Membership is comprised voluntarily of students receiving Northeast State Scholarships, enrolling in the Northeast State Honors Program, or earning memberships in the campus honor societies. Contact Rayma Gibbs (C2107, 423-279-7637), Joshua Johnson (C2107, 423-354-5235), or Erin Blevins (C2107, 423-354-2507) for more information.

Northeast State Student Navigators - This organization is a community relations support group representing Northeast State. It is the Navigators’ duty to promote and uphold the vision, mission, and guiding beliefs of the college to the students, faculty, and staff as well as the five-county service area. The Northeast State Student Navigators contribute valuable time and effort toward enhancing the community relations and enrollment efforts of the college. The service provided by the Navigators is not duplicated by any other sanctioned student organization. Applications and/or additional information may be obtained by contacting the advisor, Jim Henrichs (P202, 423-354-2481).

Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society - This organization is the international honor society that recognizes and promotes commitment to academic excellence in two-year colleges. Phi Theta Kappa supports the four hallmarks of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Fellowship that are designed to give members opportunities for personal and academic growth as well as service to others. The Northeast State chapter is Alpha Iota Chi, and it has achieved five-star status, the highest level of participation in Phi Theta Kappa activities. Jane Honeycutt (H203, 423-354-2596) is the faculty advisor.

President’s Student Advisory Council - The President’s Student Advisory Council provides the president of Northeast State with a student perspective on activities and/or issues prevailing on the campus and makes suggestions and recommendations as deemed appropriate. Contact Keith Glover in the Office of Leadership Programs (A213, ext. 423-354-2474) for more information.

President’s Student Leadership Academy (PSLA) - Northeast State’s prestigious year-round President’s Student Leadership Academy provides emerging student leaders the opportunity to identify individual leadership traits, learn how to manage conflict productively, develop critical thinking and decision-making skills, and enhance their communication skills. Eligibility criteria exist and enrollment is limited. Contact Keith Glover (A213, 423-354-2474) for application information or visit

Sci-fi/Fantasy Guild - The Sci-fi/Fantasy Guild is open to all students, faculty, and staff who enjoy science fiction and fantasy literature, film, games, and culture. The Sci-fi/Fantasy Guild has book and film discussions, themed fundraisers, and special interest outings. Nona Shepherd (H104, 423-279-3686) and Audrey Peters (H123, 423-354-2417) are the faculty advisors.

Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) - This organization promotes the advancement of scientific knowledge in the field of manufacturing. Activities allow the application of knowledge in practice and in educational settings. Established in 1932, SME has more than 200 student chapters worldwide. Sam Rowell (A216, 423-354-2582) and Michael McAninch (C2112, 423-354-2585) are the faculty advisors.

Student Biological Society (SBS) - The Student Biological Society is open to any and all students with an interest in the biological sciences. Participating students expand their knowledge of biology through group discussions, off-campus field trips, and research projects. The society also takes part in campus fundraising events to assist with travel expenses. SBS is an excellent opportunity to build relationships with other students and faculty with a shared interest in the life sciences. Faculty advisors are Dale Ledford (B204A, 423-354-5191) and Jennifer Cooke (B204C, 423-354-2441).

Student Historical Society - The purpose of the Student Historical Society is to provide positive experiences and learning opportunities within all aspects of history. Goals of the society include expansion of knowledge through activities and discussion, increase campus awareness of historical events, and foster relationships between students and faculty. Stuart Frye (H110, 423-354-5113) serves as faculty advisor.

Student Mathematics League (SML) - The Student Mathematics League exists to strengthen and advance the study, appreciation, and application of mathematics within the Northeast State community, including residents of all ages in the college’s service area. Activities include providing opportunities for students to compete in math contests, engaging students in enjoyable mathematical puzzles and games, sponsoring forums on the historical and future roles of mathematics in society, and establishing a network of tutoring support for the study of mathematics. The organization also hosts math fairs at local elementary schools to encourage mathematics education. Derrick Thacker (F236, 423-354-2547), Cindy McNabb (F238, 423-279-3685), and John Melendez (F231, 423-354-2452) serve as faculty advisors.

Student Nurses Association - With a membership of approximately 56,000 nationwide, the National Student Nurses Association mentors the professional development of future registered nurses and facilitates their entrance into the profession by providing educational resources, leadership opportunities, and career guidance ( Colleges nationwide are invited to develop chapter associations to connect nursing students with each other across the State of Tennessee and across the United States. The goals of the chapter at Northeast State are to provide nursing students in Upper East Tennessee with educational enrichment, peer support, and opportunities to advance within their developing profession of nursing. Dr. Teressa Wexler RN MSN EdDET (c), (RCHP 212, 423-354-5266) serves as faculty advisor.

Student Tennessee Education Association (STEA) - The Student Tennessee Education Association helps prepare the education major to assume the role of a teacher and make a smooth transition from the campus to the classroom. This pre-professional organization gives students a voice in education by working in conjunction with local, state, and national associations. STEA provides personal growth through community service projects and professional growth through leadership and teamwork opportunities. STEA helps prepare teachers for the challenges of the 21st Century classroom. Contact faculty advisors Mitzi Neeley (H204, 423-354-2550), Deborah Ramey (H211, 423-354-2565), and Tricia Crawford (H212, 423-354-5117) for more information.

Student Traffic Court - The Student Traffic Court hears cases of students contesting traffic citations that result from violations of the Northeast State Traffic and Parking Regulations. A Chief Justice, an Associate Chief Justice, and a maximum of four Justices are selected from the student body through an application and interview process. Students who wish to contest a ticket must submit appeals online at Contact Keith Glover in the Office of Leadership Programs (A213, 423-354-2474) for more information.

Student Veterans of America - The purpose of Student Veterans of America is to provide support and assistance to transitioning veterans; provide a network for mutual support and assistance among veterans, reservists, and those on active duty; encourage those who are seriously considering military service (ROTC/DEP); assist in the social, intellectual, and personal development of fellow veterans; and to contribute to the atmosphere and development of Northeast State. John Adcox (P204, 423-354-2528), Karen Nunan (F216, 423-354-2407) and Allan Anderson (F213, ext. 3398) serve as advisors.

Students in Action Service Club - The Students in Action Service Club strives to generate and foster awareness and public interest within the community for Northeast State at Kingsport. The club provides opportunities for students, staff, and faculty to develop leadership skills and to promote civic responsibility by working together through club activities. Devin Neubrander (KCHE 106, 423-354-5541) and Rose Marie Spangler (RCHP 124, 423-354-5500) serve as advisors.

Tennessee Society of Professional Engineers (TSPE) - Northeast State’s Student Chapter, a “Delta” chapter affiliated with the Upper East Tennessee Chapter of the Tennessee Society of Professional Engineers ( and a member of the State Society of the National Society of Professional Engineers (, was recognized and certified eligible for participation in the Program for NSPE Student Chapters in May 1999. All students interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) are eligible to join. Janice Lewenszuk (F229, 423-354-2549) serves as advisor.

A Toast to Education - A Toast to Education is a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which each individual member has the opportunity to develop oral communication and leadership skills that foster self-confidence and personal growth. The purposes of the organization include helping its members improve their abilities to communicate effectively, encouraging members to read and listen analytically, and affording leadership training for its members. A Toast to Education is affiliated with Toastmasters International and the District of Toastmasters International organizations. Ruth Livingston (H214, 423-279-7657) and Rick Merritt (H215, 423-279-3691) serve as faculty advisors.

TRiO CLuB - The purpose of the TRiO CLuB is to provide an opportunity for members to be involved in activities which will facilitate the development of a campus climate supportive of academic, social, and personal success; build leadership skills; broaden individual experiences; and extend benevolence to others who are in need. It is open to all Student Support Services participants, staff, and any other enrolled Northeast Sate Community College student who is committed to the purpose of the organization. Virginia Reed (C1108, 423-354-2491) and Donna Addington (Elizabethton 110, 423-354-5227) serve as advisors.

Volunteer Northeast State - The purpose of Volunteer Northeast State is to facilitate public and community service opportunities for students at Northeast State. This program and its related student organization provide the framework for experienced-based learning opportunities that develop student leadership and increased social responsibility. Laura Barnett (H206, 423-354-2556) and Rick Merritt (H215, 423-279-3691) serve as coordinators/faculty advisors.

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