Examinee Guidelines  

  1. A valid photo ID (driver’s license, work or school ID) is required for testing.
  2. Food or beverages are not allowed at the computer stations and must be stored while in the Testing Center.
  3. Cell phones must be turned on silent and collected prior to testing. Students will not have access to them during testing or breaks.   
  4. Children are not allowed in the Testing Center and must be under adult supervision while on campus. 
  5. Students who are ill with coughing, high fever, or other contagious symptoms are encouraged to reschedule their tests.  
  6. Honesty is the best policy! The use of unauthorized aids, copying, or any other form of cheating will result in being dismissed from the Testing Center and appropriate action for that test will be taken. 
  7. Students whose behavior is a disturbance to other students will be asked to leave the Testing Center.
  8. Scratch paper must be turned in before leaving the Testing Center. 
  9. Students who require accommodations (extended time, etc.) must first contact the Center for Students with Disabilities.
  10. Students will be seated as soon as a computer station becomes available.  


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